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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Day Of Fall

Even though it is not really Fall.

I've been informed of that multiple times.

But a girl can dream, right?

I was told last night.... AS PREDICTED... that hot weather is right around the corner.

It is amazing how well you get to know a person when you have lived with them for one billion years.

I even shivered and whined that I was freezing last night and requested that my bed heater be turned on.

Kev promptly turned on the fan, pulled the comforter over his head, and probably rolled his eyes a time or five.

I'm dramatic.  What can I say?

I awoke to another crisp morning.  Another day of boots and scarves and sweaters.  Another day of complete insanity at work.... it seems that all women in the city are loving the weather and are scrambling to get their new wardrobe. 

I am not complaining!

My initial plan today was to head to the gym after work.  To run.  On a Saturday.  Like a lame-o.

But after a non-stop work day.  And a couple of hours to feel sorry for myself... ( my quads and buns are KILLING me after my lunge extravaganza yesterday!), I decided that it was probably best to head on home.

Because #1  I've learned the hard way that my body needs to rest.  Pushing myself too hard results in major soreness/ possible injury.  #2  I was too tired to run.  #3 Kev was already home from work and I wanted to be home with him.  #4  I didn't have the energy to change my clothes.

It happens.  And listening to your body is key on your performance.

At least that is what I like to tell myself.  :)

I also decided to pick up dinner.  We originally had plans tonight... but things didn't work out which resulted in nothing planned for us to eat.

It's a good thing, though.  Because I had been dying to try a place across the street but could never really come up with a good reason to try it.

 They specialize in FRESH, HEALTHY, ORGANIC food.

Good thing.  Because that is what I specialize in as well.  :)

I decided to order two of their specialities...

The steak roll ups.  Which is tri-tip steak with onions and mushrooms in a tortilla...
 With a side of Vegan potato salad.  No mayo.  Vinegar base.  Pretty darn good.

And Greek Salad...
 And Grilled Chicken Kebabs.  With rice.
 Obviously, that is a TON of food.  And for the record I did NOT order that much... but due to a miscommunication, I ended up with it.  So, we just decided to go with the flow... because goodness knows we can eat every bit of it in a couple of days.

It was pretty yummy.

The kebabs were the best part.  So flavorful!!  And the rice was a delicious side.  They also had a ton of  other yummy things on their menu... but I decided to save those for another time.

The crazy thing is that we usually don't eat dinner until about 8:30.  So, I thought I would get home.  Chill out.  Maybe do a couple of chores.

But, unbeknownst to me, Kev was out-of-his-mind starving.  So, he attacked every container the minute I walked in the door.

So much so that I was racing to get some pictures before he stuck his head back down in the aluminum tray for more food.

It was insane.  And  messy.  And even though I always eat in a hectic manner... I have NEVER seen Kev behave that way.

Apparently, I need to feed him better. 

The only good thing about eating at 6:30 is that I get a late night snack.

And I'm pretty sure that it will involve something with this ingredient...
Because it IS Fall, after all.  At least in my mind.  And that means that it is time to break out my stash of pumpkin.  That I have been hoarding since 2009. 

Happy Weekend Every one!  Hope it is amazing!

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