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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Food

Because that is really what it is all about.

At least for me.

Ever since we planned this trip to Atlanta, I had been researching restaurants and trying to decide where we wanted to eat.

There was one catch, though.  We didn't want to leave the hotels.  The three main hotels where the convention is held are connected.  Every thing you need in one place.  We just wanted to park and be done with it.

Driving in Atlanta traffic is not one of our talents.

Actually, driving anywhere is not one of MY talents.  Which is why Kev usually drives us when we are together.  It keeps him from having to gasp loudly, tell me to watch out, and curl up in the backseat and suck his thumb because I am making him so nervous.

Anyway, I researched and made reservations using this awesome site.

Open Table is free, informative, and gets you reservations WITHOUT having to call and be placed on hold.  It was so easy.  AND I also received an alert on my phone reminding me about the reservation.

Not that I would ever need reminding about a meal.... but I thought it was a great perk.

I had also packed a TON of food for the room.  We planned on eating breakfast, lunch, and snacks in our room and just dinners out.  Not only is it (obviously) cost effective BUT it gives me control over eating healthy, clean foods without having to feel like we were completely getting off track.

Especially, because our first night's meal consisted of this....

UGH.  We also had wings and fried mozzarella sticks the size telephone poles. 

I'm not even joking.

My original plan was to order a salad and some hummus.... but I decided last minute to follow our strategy of trying different foods and enjoying the overall experience instead of analyzing the health content of the meal.

Which was mostly a bad decision all around.

Only because the food was very mediocre and your average sport's bar fare.  We didn't even eat the guacamole because it tasted fake.  And we have NEVER not eaten the guacamole.  The good thing about our meal is we sampled some of everything and then took the rest "to-go".  No need to over stuff ourselves or go crazy.  And Kev was able to eat it for lunch the next day.

I was able to use the mozzarella sticks as walking canes to help me get around with my HUGE blisters.  Darn shoes.

Night two was at Trader Vic's.  It was on the bottom floor of our hotel.  This was the place I was looking forward to the most.  I had been drooling over their menu for MONTHS.  And their food was right up our alley.  New flavors.  Polynesian cuisine.  Lots to chose from.

We started off with their "World Famous" Mai-Tais.

For the record... Kev was not embarrassed in the least to take these pictures in a public place.  He really wasn't.  In fact, he suggested most of them.

I guess that is what life with a blogger does to you.

But then the menu came out... and it was different than what they had online.  At least with the appetizers.  We are such an appetizer family and prefer to order several things and share them... instead of one big meal.

I had picked out so many things for us to try.... even planning to come back another night so we could experience all the amazing food. 

I guess the good thing is that it made it easier for us to choose. 

So, we got the prawns and polynesian rice...
And the sampler plate... with crab rangoon, pork, and more prawns....
It was pretty good.  It definitely was a fun atmosphere... and of course the company was fabulous.

And watching people order the Bananas Foster was entertaining..
It also marked the last time that I wore heels that weekend.  As it was all I could do to maintain composure while my feet were falling apart. 

Did I mention that we stayed on the fifth, we wouldn't have to take the elevators.  (The place was so packed and there was ALWAYS a large crowd waiting for them).  So we climbed five flights of stairs every time that we went to our room and left our room.  Which was a TON!

Heels + Humid Hot Atlanta + Running up and down stairs = Sad feet and Sore quads.

But a good workout.  :)  Especially after eating those two meals. 

And that is where our restaurant experiences ended.  Without being "WOWed" by anything, we decided that the food I brought would be our best bet. 

Plus you don't have to sit up straight and act ladylike while eating in your hotel room.  Not that I do either of those things in public... but I feel like I at least have to try. 

Our hotel food consisted of hummus, carrots, fruit, granola, healthy chips, and yogurt.  And then we would grab some sandwiches from the deli... turkey for Kev... veggie for me. 

It worked out perfectly.

The perfect hotel room breakfast....

Yogurt + Granola.  I made the granola myself the night before we left.  It actually turned out pretty good.  In fact, we are still eating on it because it made a ton. 

So, overall, I think we ate pretty good ( health-wise, cost-wise, and taste-wise)... it is just that the food did not end up being the highlight of our trip. 

But that's ok.  Because we have the food and wine festival coming up in less than thirty days.  Which means that I will be running 13.1 miles in less than thirty days.

And now I'm going to go hide in a corner and wonder what the heck I have gotten myself in to.


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