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Monday, September 19, 2011

Caroline Ruth Has Arrived!

And it is about time!!

Even though I won the contest for choosing the correct date!  ( For the record, Kev did too)

We chose September 11th - 7 days past Caroline's due date... for no other reason than it is important to associate positive events with that day as well. 

And the fact that just about every other family member that we have has that same birthday.

My sister, Shannon.
My mother-in-law, Mary.
My nephew, Mason.
My sister Shannon's sister-in-law, Judy.
Bethany's boyfriend's mother, Beth.

And now Caroline Ruth.

Ok.  So, that is not necessarily "every other family member"... but it is close.  And more impactful if I say it that way.

Three cheers for exaggeration!!

And a TRILLION cheers for my sweet niece being born!!!

I am on a cloud of happiness and pride and excitement.   And that is a pretty fun cloud to be on.

First, Abigail.  Then Tanner.  Now Caroline.


(Which translates to mean a year of so much love and so many blessings!)

Is it possible for this little girl to be any more precious?....
I would have posted sooner... but I have been patiently waiting for Laura to get her post up first.  I figured it was proper blog etiquette to let the blogger who has had the incredible experience be the one to announce the news.  But the post is up!  And it is a great one!

And for goodness waterworks this year have gotten quite a workout.

Tears of joy, I tell you.  TEARS OF JOY!

Caroline Ruth Switzer
11lbs.  13ozs.
22 inches long.
And I get to meet her in person!  In less than a month.  I'm headed to Syracuse, NY.  The land of snow, ice, extreme cold, and the best BBQ place this side of the Mississippi.

And we will be fast friends.  I'm sure of it.  Because I already love this girl more than she will ever know!!
To celebrate her arrival... we made BBQ ribs with the DELISH sauce that I received from her baby shower.

(We also had a similar dinner party when Tanner was  born... which I will be posting the recipe for soon!!)

The ribs were amazing!  And the party was pretty fantastic... considering that just the two of us attended.  I even wore all white - apparently because I was determined to ruin my white shorts once and for all.. .because I did manage to drop an entire sauce coated rib down the front of me.  Stained my entire outfit.  And then I hit my head on the countertop when I was getting back up from picking it up off the floor.

It resulted in lots of laughter.  And was totally worth it!

And reminded me, once again, that I should NEVER EVER own a pair of white shorts.

But seriously, being an aunt is the best title/responsibility that I have ever been given!! (Even better than my beloved pageant title of "Miss All-You-Can-Eat Buffet")  And I truly appreciate my wonderful siblings for giving me the opportunity!

Congrats Dave and Laura on your new family!!!  And "Welcome To The World" sweet Caroline!


  1. You are positively the BEST AUNT on the face of the earth and all your nieces and nephews are so lucky to have you in their lives. She is truly a DOLL and Tanner is so handsome. I can't wait to see both of them - I hope it's real soon. Be sure to give her a kiss from me when you see her. Aunt Sandi

  2. I am so glad that you posted Caroline's birth. I was waiting for it!! She is a little doll, and I feel so fortunate to have arrived at the hospital one hour before she was born, and then spend the next 3 days with her. I cannot wait to see her again!! Love, mom (alias Caroline's Nana)