The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Reasons.....

To love Kev.

(Not that I needed any more.)

1.  He lets me take crazy pictures of him....

With a Norwegian Storm trooper.

With Elvis and KISS.
 With the "Slim Jim" guy and Rowdy Roddy Piper.
 With a random Tiki girl.

( Pictures courtesy of our trip.... and there are still more to come.... )

2.  He randomly unloads the dishwasher for me. 

I know that seems simple.  But as much as I wash dishes..... it is such a nice surprise to open the dishwasher to emptiness and be able to check that chore off the list.

Especially, when he does so many other chores around the house.  Every.Single.Day.

3.  He listened to my reasoning on why we should become Vegan.  ( for health reasons) And actually contemplated it!  Like really thought it over and stuff.  And then got back to me the next day on his thoughts.  I was baffled because I was sure that it just went in one ear and out the other.  :) 

In case you were wondering... we decided not to.  Even though we have cut back on meat and dairy considerably... we still eat it.  And we are just not willing to give that up quite yet. 

4.  He makes sure I've taken a picture of our dinner before he takes a bite.  Even if I don't like how it turned out..... he encourages me to photograph it.  And then acts like it is the best meal he has ever eaten.
Tonight we had Ezekiel ( complete protein whole grain goodness... if you haven't tried them yet - you must!) tortillas.  Spread with a black bean, corn, jalapeno concoction that I simmered on the stove.  Baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  Then topped with fresh tomatoes, mixed greens, and freshly made guacamole.

5.  He is my biggest cheerleader.  No matter how far I run or for how long or at what speed.. he thinks it is awesome! 

Let's hope that he is still thinking that when it is 1:30am on October 2nd... and I'm still running my half. 

17 days, folks.  17 days.

Let the count down  begin.....

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