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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Say Hello To Your Motha For Me.....

The title of this post is a shout out to Kev who does an incredible impersonation of Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark. I thought it was fitting since #1 It was "Motha's" Day and #2 I felt the need to tell you that Kev is quite the entertainer. You should see him on family talent night. His best impersonations are of Donald Trump, James Brown, and me. However, imitating me is pretty easy.... you just walk hunched over dragging your hands on the floor behind you, mumble curse words, and spill food on your shirt. It is quite a sight to see.... and one that I'm sure any husband would want to experience.

So this post is about everything else that happened on Mother's Day.

Starting with the "How many kids can take down Kev" wrestling tournament. It was free admission... and well worth the time spent to watch it.

Kev just loves these kids.... and loves showing them who is in charge....

Even my 15 year old (almost 16) nephew joined in. That is him on the bottom with all of the curly hair.

They were having so much fun... and look like they are working so hard. Kev didn't even break a sweat. This is what it is like at home. I can use every ounce of strength and come at Kev full force. He just stands there like a wall... never flinches... and drinks his lemonade out of a breakable tea cup without ever spilling a drop. Sometimes I even get the "good try" pat on the head. That is why it is fun for me to be a bully to everyone else.

So the end result of this wrestling competition..... 4 kids ages 5, 7, 8, and almost 16... lost the battle against one adult. But look at how much fun they had....

And now to the part about me.... It should be no surprise to you that everything always has to involve me in some way. Even on Mother's Day.

My Mom started it by giving me a Bath and Body Works treat bag. As a "thank you" for organizing Mother's Day dinner AND for taking care of Kev. Except for that every one knows it is actually Kev who takes care of me. Yes, it is very important that I provide good meals and keep the kitchen stocked with food and treats. And yes, I am sure that if I wasn't around.. Kev would never be able to feed himself and would just wither away to nothing. So, ok... I'll except my gift even though I am not a mother.

But then... Kev got me a couple of gifts as well. For keeping his belly full, making him laugh all the time and for being a good wife! Except for that he didn't say all of those things.... but I'm sure he meant to.

The first gift was a bird feeder. I had been eyeing this feeder at Lowe's for some time now. We have an amazing amount of birds in our back yard and I wanted to show my appreciation to them. It is ok to feed feral birds.... just not cats. Except for I can't seem to get them to eat from my special feeder filled with the most delicious bird seed that money can buy. Believe me.... I know these things .... because I tried some in my attempt to show the birds they were welcome to it. I glued a couple of feathers to my back, climbed a ladder, and ate with my hands behind my back. Or maybe I'm just thinking of the themed dinner we had last week.... anyhoo.. no bird has dared to eat the food. Maybe I will make a sign that says "free food" (but then my parents might show up with plastic bags and empty out the feeder - my parents nick names are "free food".)

And then there was this other glorious gift that he surprised me with..... a bread maker. I have been wanting a bread maker since I came out of the oven in 1972. You would not even believe the delectable things that I will be able to make with this delightful kitchen appliance. Well, you might believe it... when you get to try some.

Not being a mother really paid off for me this year.

I DO hope that all of you Mothers out there had an incredible day!! You definitely deserve it!

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