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Monday, May 18, 2009


May 18, 1986. The day my Mom had the last of her litter. At this point, I was living at the hospital .... on the Labor and Delivery floor. It just made it so much easier to already be there when my new sibling was born. I was in the hospital cafeteria when I heard the sound... the sound of my Dad playing the triangle. That meant a new sister or brother had been born and I immediately ran to my Mom's room to meet the new baby.

It was a girl... my fourth sister... Bethany Susan Switzer.

My life has never been the same since.

Bethany came at a strange time in my life. I was an obnoxious teenager wrapped up in music, fashion, hairspray, and boys. That didn't leave much time for babies. Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed having her around. She was as cute as a button ( I don't really know what that phrase means... a cute button? weird)... and the sweetest child you will ever meet. She was one of those babies that was always happy. I mean... she was just plain "glad" about everything. A real life Pollyanna.

She sure didn't get that from me!

But I was wrapped up in my own life and really didn't start having a relationship with her until we moved to Columbia... when she was five. I had moved back in with my parents and helped out with her while my Mom was in school. Thus began an unnatural friendship between sisters 13 years apart.

Does it make you feel any better that I do not act my age?.... well, neither does she... so I guess that doesn't make a difference.

One year for Christmas, she made me this awesome photo album with pictures that document our lives together. Some of these pics make me laugh every single time that I see them.......

Have I fallen asleep while holding her? Why do I have so much hair and should it really be pulled so tightly in to a side ponytail (pic #2)? Must I look like I'm miserable and my Mom has shoved her in to my arms for the pic? Why on EARTH am I wearing Guess overalls (pic #2) with a t-shirt underneath that has "faux" hot pink overall straps? Don't you love how I take pictures of pictures instead of scanning them in?

Here is one of my favorite pics of us (even though it looks a little blurry here). It is the typical shot that we get every time we go to Magic Kingdom. She works there.... you know. Because I'm sure I've told you a million times.

And now for the usual... "things we have in common/things we don't" .... that I love to post about when a family member has a birthday. Actually, I do this with every one that I meet..... in my head... as they are introducing themselves to me. It helps me to understand my shortcomings.

Things we have in common:
#1. DISNEY. How freaking obvious can I get. I LOVE Disney, Bethany LOVES Disney, Disney LOVES Disney ( Not sure what that meant... just trying to make a point).... Everyone LOVES Disney... at least I pretend that they do even if they don't. It is in our blood....because of the kool aid my parents made us drink. I LOVE Kool aid and am always glad to drink it. Some of our (me and B ) best memories are of us at Disney. I can't say anymore about it or I will be up all night "too excited to sleep".

2. KIDS. We sure do love our neices and nephews. TONS! Bethany REALLY loves kids... all kinds.. even if they are not blood related. That is weird. I mostly like kids.... if they are cute and well behaved.... and/or blood related. I've got some sweet babies in my family and spending time with them is so much fun!! Of course, I can't call a 13 year old and almost 16 year old babies. Well... I can... but only because it makes me feel better about my age. Where does the time go....
This is Bethany and Elijah at the Animal Kingdom....

#3. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food and everything that comes along with it... specifically Fiesta Margaritas... which I have mentioned on a previous post... and that I have officially named the most delightful drink to ever touch my lips (after tea and a caramel frappacino). We also LOVE appetizers and dinners made up of all appetizers. We LOVE any dip that involves cheese or spinach or both.

#4. SHARKS. We hate them.

Things we do NOT have in common:

1. TRAVEL. Bethany has traveled the world. Seen many amazing sights. Experienced many incredible adventures. Yes, I have been a couple of places... even to Mexico and Canada. But that is pretty much where my travel stops. Unless you count my visits to the bathroom multiple times during the night. She even lived in London for a summer while teaching school.....

2. ROYALTY. She is a Princess. At least that is what she tells me. I'm more like the evil queen. Grouchy, wrinkled, and afflicted with Reflux.
3. AMUSEMENT PARK ATTIRE. I would never wear a formal Cinderella gown around the Magic Kingdom. Because I would have to wear spanx which would prohibit me from having any fun. Also, I would never look this good in it.....

#4. VELVEETA. I LOVE it.... she does NOT! Such a shame!
#5. VOLUME. She is very loud. And by VERY, I mean I can only be around her with ear muffs on and ear plugs in. And then... and only then... can my ear drums handle her voice.

And I will stop there.

Because I could go on and on about our similarities and differences.... and you all know that I like to ramble... but bottom line is it is Bethany's birthday.... and I wish her a VERY HAPPY one!
Happy Birthday B!

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