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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Celebration of Mothers

Mother's Day is a very busy time of year for me and Kev. There is nothing like giving your Mom a new outfit with a set of diamond encrusted brass knuckles...or a power saw. I personally would be thrilled to get a set of brass knuckles. I would teach a Rooster a thing or two. But since I am not a mom.... this post is NOT about what I would want. For once.

So, the point that I am trying to make is that I usually do NOT get to take Mother's Day off. Not only is it super busy, but I work with a LOT of mothers. And I truly believe that every mother should have this special day OFF for all that they have gone through in labor and in life to raise a child.

That being said.... I do have a Mother. A Mother that would love to spend time with her children (for some strange reason). So, it is always difficult to figure out what to do on this day. I was able to pull a couple of strings this year and triple-crossed my fingers that all would work out. And by triple-crossing... I mean that I called my store every hour to check in, bit my fingernails, and kept my phone in my hand at all times. Sounds annoying? Try spending the day with me - it is worse than annoying.

Ultimately, I had an incredible day and was able to spend Mother's Day with both of our families. And here is how it all went down.....

We started our celebration of Mother's Day at an early breakfast. And by early... I mean 8:30.... which is early if you are normal , don't have to work that day and like to sleep in.

But where on Earth would you go for breakfast to celebrate your Mother in style?

Shoneys Buffet. Of course!

It's true. We have celebrated many a Mother's Day at this delicious (?) place. Apparently, Shoney's thought it was pretty early for breakfast too... because their buffet was filled with the previous night's left overs. Chicken fingers, shrimp jambalaya, nachos. Ok... so maybe there wasn't actually nachos... but the other stuff was there. And Kev got it on his plate and that was really weird. He also ate sausage links - not patties but links (the kind that look like a dog left them behind). Now, Kev is not a big sausage eater... yes, he loves breakfast sausage casserole and sausage balls... but that is about it. So you better believe that I had a couple of comments to say about that. I didn't eat - not because I have a thing against Shoneys but because I'm trying to be super healthy on my quest to win The Biggest Loser - and I thought it was silly to pay buffet price for me to eat fruit (which may or may not be covered in chicken finger grease from the night before). Unfortunately for Kev, the only time that you can shut me up is when I am eating.... which means that I spent the whole morning running my mouth and commenting on every thing on Kev's plate. He loves taking me places..... or not. Maybe that is why we don't go out much.

I forgot my camera.... so, this pic will have to do.

That is Kev's Mom - Mary and Dad- Glenn. At Christmas. With their dogs. Don't ask. Apparently, puppies want to meet Santa too.

Anyway, we had a great time and got to see lots of family members that we hadn't seen for months. There were three mothers at the breakfast. Kev's Mom, Aunt Kim, and Cousin Krystal. Happy Mother's Day Snyder family......

At this point, I was fresh as a daisy. Kev smelled like sausage links and needed a nap. Celebrating is exhausting. And our day had just begun.....

Next was church and then to my Mother's house.

Now let me just stop the story right here to tell you that my pictures are my prized possessions. Seriously... If I had to run in to my house and only had time to grab a couple of things it would be the following (in no particular order) my picture albums, my jean jacket, Kev, and my Wonder Woman cape. (Ok.. so, I do have some very sentimental items that mean the world to me... but they would make the story serious and not funny and hopefully I would never actually have to run in to the house to grab a couple of things so there is no need to mention them)

However, the pictures would be a DEFINITE. I could literally spend hours upon hours looking through them. I owe all of that to my Mom who ensured every single moment was captured. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT! Head gear drool, my "lioness" hairstyles and jean jacket suits (yes, I used to wear matching jean jackets with my jeans - get off my back!). It is all there - and I wouldn't trade these memories for the world. I'm also thankful that Kev loves me no matter what he sees in pictures. Some photos from my past could ruin a reputation. Especially in Gaston.

My point here is that I was looking around my house that morning and noticed all of the family pics that I have in frames. And all of the mothers that are the reason for such amazing family pictures. And just because I have chosen a life of peace and quiet and "I can do whatever I want whenever I want" attitude (some call that selfishness... and it is true), I have so many amazing people to share my love and time with. I am so thankful for all of the selfless mothers in my family that have added to and shaped my life.

Here are a couple of my favorites.....

(Unfortunately, the only framed picture that I have of Kev's family is the "Dogs meeting Santa" one from above. I do have some amazing photo albums and frames of Kev's childhood that Mary has made for me over the years. My goal this year is to get more family pictures taken and framed. )

Ok - enough about pictures. This post is about how we celebrated Mother's Day...
So, church is over.... we arrive at my parent's house.....we enter through the front door.... and I realize that....

You absolutely can NOT celebrate a holiday without decorating the stairs with festive beanie babies. In this case - Mother's Day beanies. I had to take a picture of this to prove to you that it is real.

The daughters (Shannon, Kristen, and I) chipped in to create a delicious meal for Mom. We had shrimp and wild rice casserole, mac n cheese, steamed broccoli with cheese, garlic cheese biscuits, a fruit salad and corn. Did I mention that we had cheese with our meal? For dessert we had blueberry crumble cake with vanilla ice cream. A Paula Deen recipe that I will definitely be making again.
A picture of the Mothers.... my Mom, Shannon, and Kristen. All dishing up some grub. ( I think that Shannon is looking at all of the food and slapping her forehead saying "I shoulda had a V-8!)
Our meals are always filled with so much laughter, story telling, and tom foolery. It is something you should truly get to experience in your lifetime. A meal with the Switzer family. Priceless!
At this point... it is only 1pm. The day is still young and there is still stories to tell... but I will go ahead and post this as I am a week behind!!
Up next.... "Say Hello to Your Motha For Me"

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