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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lonely Sombrero

I'm sure you are all expecting a delightful tale about a Cinco De Mayo extravaganza that was held at our house tonight. And I'm sure you are all expecting to see a picture of Kev in his sombrero with his thick black mustache with a slight curl at the ends and his t-shirt that says "gringo". And I'm sure that you were anxiously waiting to hear what was served for our fiesta. Well, sorry folks... so was I. My plans didn't turn out .... as I had planned. Such is life! Oh well.. there is always next year.

But don't think you are in the clear of some good stories.... about Mexico, Mexican food, and sombreros. I'm always up for a good story... no matter what.

It all started with a sombrero.... A lonely one.... this one....

I saw this beautiful hat in a store once.... in Disney. This is the hat that I HAD to have and Kev HAD to carry it around all day. He actually didn't have to carry it around.... he chose to.. because he wanted to wear it... to blend in. He is crazy like that.

See, I have always loved ALL things Mexican. I remember my first trip to Taco Bell. It was in Atlanta. We were visiting my grandparents and had gone there after church. I was in elementary school.... (why I remember the strangest things and not the important things... I'll never know). So, I had been seeing these glorious commercials on tv advertising Taco Bell and this incredible taco salad. I begged and begged my Dad to buy it for me. He thought it was a little pricey and was too big for a kid to eat. A little pricey? Taco Bell? Yep.. it was the 70's and back then everything was a little pricey except for huge collars and white leisure suits that zipped all the way up the front.....and autographed pictures of John Travolta. For you young folks... he was hot back then and not gay. Anyway, I FINALLY talked him in to getting it for me and promised to eat every single bit. I sat down in a seat and the GLORIOUS taco salad was placed in front of me! It was HUGE! (Remember I was a small child.... well, I was never "small"... so let's say "medium" child.....ok ok... I was a child GIANT) I gulped at the thought of having to eat the whole thing. But I did it to prove that I could... and had a stomach ache for the rest of the day. Thus starting my love for binge eating and taco salads. Except for these days I can eat a taco salad in one swallow along with three tacos, nachos and a meximelt. The weirdest thing about this memory is that I only remember me, my Dad and the taco salad. I have no recollection of any one else in my family being there which just goes to show how important this meal was for me.... or that I always have to be the center of attention and tune everyone else out. You decide.

I also have a wonderful memory of visiting Mexico as an obnoxious and bitter teenager.... and I was obnoxious and bitter for no reason other than that I had major braces and by MAJOR... I mean with wax, rubber bands, and head gear, an afro that grew bigger every time some one looked at it, and a jam box that was so big that I couldn't carry it around on my shoulders. I pulled it behind me in a wagon instead. Humiliating.
We crossed the border by sneaking under a fence ( Mom wanted our entry to be authentic) and were immediately arrested and searched. Cavity style. Some of us by choice. Once they realized that we were foolish enough to buy whatever goods they sold us, we were set free. I bought a Rolex..... a real one... papers and all.... for $40.00. My allowance for a year. It was REAL... I'm sure of it.
Our last experience of the day was to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I couldn't understand most of what was being said as I speak French... not Spanish. But my Mom kept saying "No Montezuma's Revenge" to the waiter and would not let us drink the water. I wish she would do that when I go to Taco Bell....... because I don't think that Montezuma only gets revenge through the water.

Bottom line - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food! Which is why today is my favorite holiday... after Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, and Friday the 13th. And since I'm sure you want to know all of my favorites regarding this holiday... I've prepared some trivia about me...

Favorite Mexican dish - cheese enchiladas with beans and rice
Favorite Mexican restaurant - La Paz in Nashville, TN
Favorite item off of Taco Bell's menu - Crunchy Taco Supreme
Favorite appetizer - queso and guacamole
Favorite Mexican restaurant in Gaston - La Fogata
Favorite Spanish speaking person - Kevin
I wish Kevin was a - pinata. That way every time that I punched him.. candy would come out. Well, sometimes it does anyway... with no explanation. Don't ask questions that you do not want to know the answer to.

And in case you were wondering.... the lonely sombrero isn't really lonely. It was totally worth the money as we use it every day... as a hat while working in the yard, a chip platter, a mouse trap, and a bucket when the garage floods.

I hope you all had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. For your Cindo de Mayo party next year I volunteer to wear the sombrero and walk amongst your guests serving chips and salsa from of it.