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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How To Get Fit in 90 Days

Well, I don't know if you will be completely fit in 90 days. It depends on where you started. I am no fitness expert or doctor. So, read this at your own risk.

About 20 posts back... I mentioned some things that I wanted.... for Kev's benefit. He needs (wants) to know these things so he can surprise me with them. And if you remember correctly, I wrote that I may not get them that week, that month, or even that year. But I'll more than likely get them (unless it is truly outrageous... like getting me someone that will take my baths for me so I don't have to) because he never forgets. He is like an elephant that way. Except for I don't know how WE know that an elephant never forgets. Is it because he knows right where to go to get his food every day? Because I can do that. Is it because he remembers who is momma is? Because I can do that too. Or did someone shout out their phone number and the elephant was able to dial that number months later? Actually, I can do that as well. I have a weird memory for phone numbers - I have to because I don't know how to save them in to my phone.

I'm starting to freak myself out and question my ancestry.

My point is that I had listed a Wii Fit as one of my wishes. Simple enough. Except for every place in my home town was out of them or they would sell the last one right before we would get there. Just to spite us. It really became quite frustrating. I was so jealous of every one around me who had one. They would laugh and tell stories of how much fun they were having with it. They were getting good workouts. They were feeling and looking great.

Out of anger towards the Wii "people".... I decided in protest to not work out again until I had this glorious piece of equipment in my home. It wasn't easy to stick to my plan as working out is my FAVORITE thing to do. But I succeeded. Until now....

I came home from work. I was told to SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, and CLOSE YOUR EYES. Except for Kev didn't really tell me to shut up... and he didn't yell it at me. I tend to exaggerate when telling a story. It is how I was raised? or I do it for fun. Who knows.

I want to state for the record that I am NOT a good "eye closer". And I felt like I should tell you this in case you ever want to surprise me with something. From the day I was born, I would just squint my eyes as tight as I could and still be able to see what was going on. It is a talent... thank you very much... and one that I worked hard at mastering. I am impatient! And I should have written that in all caps because I am very impatient and I like to scream it out at the top of my lungs just to get my point across. I do NOT have time for closing eyes and waiting for something to happen to me.

But I closed my eyes tightly. For real this time. Because Kev asked nicely and he promised cheese in exchange for my cooperation.

The glorious Wii Fit was placed in my lap.

And then the hours of fun (and sweat) began.

*caution* I must warn you that the following pictures may be inappropriate for some viewers....

This is a pic of me before I even started playing. This is my current posture. Supposedly, milk and exercise will cure this. Either that or I will have to move to the local bell tower and start a new career.

This is me "airing out" from all of the sweating I did just opening the box.

This is a new yoga pose called "pooping in the woods". It has come in handy... once or thrice (which means three in hillbilly).

And before I start receiving endless emails requesting the store that you can purchase these classy, cute, flattering, and stylish pajamas. I will let you in on a little secret. I made them. With paint. And grime. And lots of unflattering fabric. They are Kev's favorites. He says they remind him of how lucky he is to be my husband.

Then Kev had to get on. To show me how it is done.

He sure is tall. And physically fit. And coordinated. And happy almost all of the time.
Opposites attract... you know.

His tongue helps him with his balance.
Ultimately, this game is tons of fun..... if you can get past the honesty and bossiness that it provides. Who knew that a video game could be good for you? Well, I did. That is why I have been wanting it for so long.
And for those of you who already have it. Just know that I am a hula hoop SUPASTAH!!

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