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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Favorite Things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that play on my nose and eyelashes, brown paper packages tied up with strings.... these are a few of my favorite things. Except for girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. First of all I like red sashes better and second of all I am indifferent to girls in white dresses. I don't really care either way. Unless the girls were bringing me caramel apples, popcorn, or blueberry pie. Regardless... the above song lyric IS from one of my FAVORITE songs. From the movie The Sound of Music... one of my all time FAVORITE movies. That reminds me... I knew a family of eight once who all dressed in matching sailor outfits and performed a song from The Sound of Music for a talent show. I wish I could remember their names because you better believe I would be using the video tape for black mail.

Anyway, there are SO many things that I love - more than one million (said with my pinky finger up to my lip and a smirk on my face). In fact, I am SO in love with so many things that my favorites change from day to day ... week to week. I decided to start doing a "My Favorite Things" post weekly which is better than Oprah's -who does hers once a year. Not that I watch Oprah. I just know these things. And not that I think there is anything wrong with watching Oprah - I just work all the time and have to be very picky about what I watch.

Moving on....( why is it so hard for me to stay focused.... try having a conversation with me... it will drive you nuts! I promise. )

And now for the first post of "My Favorite Things"

Ok. Raise your hand if you know about my absolute OBSESSION with denim - specifically denim jackets. Clearly you have not just one... but two hands in the air right now to show how overwhelmingly obsessive I am about these amazing jackets. My collection is extensive. I have blazer style, one-button, cropped, 3/4 sleeve, full sleeve, sleeveless (yes - I really have a jean vest), and every size that you can imagine. Surprisingly though, my collection was never quite complete. I always felt that there was something missing. And then one day at work it happened. I figured out what was missing. A WHITE DENIM JACKET! Why have I never had one before? I don't have time to sift through my past to figure that one out. Instead I grabbed my size, bought it immediately, and then ran out in to the streets screaming with joy about my amazing purchase.

I was asked to leave the mall parking lot. By mall security. To which I made my hand in to a fist and said "boo" and they ran off in to the woods.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering how in the world I will be able to keep this jacket clean. Keeping my clothes clean is not my specialty. Especially white clothes. The minute I even think of wearing something white - one of the following happens:
1. A bird poops on my article of clothing.
2. I slip on a banana peel and fall in to a bowl of spaghetti.
3. I decide to go work outside in the yard. In the dirt.
4. I laugh so hard that tea shoots out of my nose.

So, I've come up with a plan. I'm going to wear a clear rain poncho over my jacket. That way you can see it in all of it's glory but it will stay pristine. And don't worry about my fashion expertise... I've been given the "I guess it will work" go ahead from a fashion expert that says it is ok to wear a white denim jacket with blue denim jeans. I could even wear my denim shoes - (yes, I really have some). Now if I could only find a denim beret.

Here is the jacket in it's new home....... ooooooh aaaaaaah.......

Next up is a food item. Yes, there will probably always be a food item because eating is my favorite sport. It is Kashi pizza. I have been a LONG time fan of Kashi - but only in cereal form. Everything about it is wonderful. It is super healthy and tastes great. Then a friend of mine told me about these delicious new Kashi pizzas ( found in the freezer section). They are full of vitamins, healthy foods, whole grains, and are low in fat. Let me just tell you that I HAVE NOT FOUND A KASHI PIZZA THAT I DIDN'T LIKE! We have tried EVERY single flavor out there and they are ALL incredible. Every new flavor becomes my favorite. This is where Kev would usually have a pepperoni pizza and I would eat the healthy one.... but Kev actually loves them too! These are the two that I made this week......

This is the Mediterranean one..... OUT OF THIS WORLD!

And the newest one.... The Mexicali Bean! OMG... can I just tell you that it is DELISH!! We put a little bit of guacamole on it and slapped it in our faces.

Don't think that eating healthy has to be boring. Especially if pizza is one of your favorite foods and you are used to having it once a week. These pizzas will definitely do the trick! (I'm not sure what that means.... can a pizza really do a trick?)

And last but not least.... I experienced an incredible sight this week. One like I have NEVER seen before. The most glorious rainbow. In Gaston of all places. This picture does not do it justice!

Every color could be seen so clearly and it was huge. I searched and searched until I found the end of the rainbow. And then realized how much times have changed. Instead of a pot of gold... I found Palmetto Gold and Pawn. I did get a nice gold nugget dollar sign charm for my necklace... so it was worth it.

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  1. I can't believe you did this post. I have been brainstorming for months on starting a "my favorite things" post every month. Funny! I will definately try a Kashi pizza, thanks for the tip.