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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Favorite Things

I betcha thought that I wouldn't keep my promise of posting a "favorite things" story each week.

Well, you might be right. I mean it is only week two and all.

And before you shake your head in disbelief over my picture taking in this post ( and every post before it). Just know that I do the best that I can. I try to take it seriously and even hold my tongue a certain way right before I snap the shot. I will be more than happy to accept donations towards my photography lessons and my fabulous new dream camera that I've just decided that I have to have.

I want to take some sewing classes too... in case you are feeling extra generous.

For now you will just have to suffer through. And without further adieu.... here are my favorite things for the week.....

#1 My steamer. What on earth did my clothes look like before Kev got me this thing? I mean I'm a pretty disheveled person. I consider five wrinkles or less to be presentable. And I'm not talking about my face - I know that is what you were thinking. I do NOT iron and I really don't even know how. Even though my Mom tried to show me a million times. One time I laid my shirt on the linoleum floor and tried to iron it. Part of the floor melted in to my shirt and it was ruined forever. I managed to "cover up" the messed up floor and never told any one about this ridiculous mistake until this day. Hi Mom! Thanks for loving me despite all of my faults.

Anyway... this is the exact same steamer that we use at work. Kev googled the name of it and SURPRISE! ordered it for me. Either he was tired of me looking like a hobo, my boss called and complained to him about my appearance, or he was worried that I would ruin the floor. All I know is I got a steamer and my life hasn't been the same since. The even greater thing about it is that I can pull a weeks worth of outfits.... put them on a rolling bar.... and steam them all at the same time. It is amazing how much time it saves in the morning. When I know exactly what I am going to wear to work, I don't waste time playing silly games in my closet in order to pick an outfit.

I'm sure you are wondering what I wear when I don't have to work. Pajamas. All day. And if I have to run errands I just put on a ball cap. I don't carry a driver's license. So people don't know who I am. It would ruin my reputation.

#2 FEBREZE! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product. I'm addicted to it and should attend an anonymous group. I have this thing with my nose. I LOVE to smell. And I'm pretty good at it. Kev calls me the hound dog. If he is ever trying to figure out where a smell is coming from he puts me to work. I associate smells with memories and with people. And the smells are not always good ones. You know who you are. But that is ok. Smelling things no matter how good or how bad... is a hobby for me.

That being said... you can imagine my delight when Febreze starting making air scents. I had been using the fabric spray for a while... sometimes even for deodorant ( I am very hot natured). But then I was given the option to spray my house with amazing smells. And then they came out with "special edition" scents. Like Christmas tree, sugar cookie, pumpkin, etc. Sometimes I carry around my bucket of Febreze and spray different rooms with different smells. It is like an obstacle course for my nose.

Here is a small sampling of my collection.....

#3 Crushed Red Pepper. I have to do a food item every week. I just have to. I don't think you have any idea how much I love spicy food. And this bottle of spicy delight does just the trick. Except for some reason I never measure these beautiful red bits of yum... and I sprinkle a TON in the food I make. I saw Kev's head start to sweat once. With my very own eyes. It was magical. Not to mention the manners we maintain while blowing our noses constantly throughout the meal. Another reason why we don't go out much.

My favorite thing to eat these peppers on.... PIZZA! My favorite thing about this post.... the excellent quality of this picture.....

Well folks... that wraps up week two. I hear if you do something 22 times, it will become a habit. I have a long way to go.

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