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Friday, June 3, 2011

Take Out And Tired Eyes

Whew!  What a week so far!

Starting a new job - especially when it is a "clean-up" situation - is exhausting.

But also rewarding.  And fulfilling.  And fun.

Even if it has given me dark circles under my eyes the size of tires.

And reconnected me with my long time nemesis... caffeine.

It is only temporary, though.

I will be back to my crazy self in no time.

Besides working.... I've managed to make it to the gym.  Once.  For a spin class.

I rode as hard as I could to make up for all the days of NOT going.

And then I went to The Fresh Market.  Actually, I have been there three times this week.  Because I can.  And because I love it so much.

And while we are on the topic of food.....

I thought I would mention our new FAVORITE pizza joint.

I was referred to them by a friend.  A friend who knows how much I love pizza, all things organic, all things local, and all things healthy.

And then as luck would have it... they showed up on Groupon.   Which forced me to order one.... or three.

I'm a little obsessive.

I chose the California one.  All fresh veggies on a whole wheat crust...

Kev ordered the Mexican inspired one.  Complete with avocado.

Let me just say that we were in heaven.

Pizza heaven.

And the only thing that I would change about them was their size.  Because we could have eaten WAY more.

Other than that delightful pizza story... I've got nothin'.

Unless you want to hear stories about dust bunnies, learning new computer systems, and my unmanageable gray hairs that are spreading like wildfire.

I sure hope that I have a chance to get my hair done..... before the wedding next weekend.

Otherwise people might be asking whose granny I am.

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