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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family, Food, and Flies

Yes, I'm still talking about flies.  Aren't they extra annoying this year?  Or is it just me?

I feel like they come out of nowhere every time we sit down to eat.  I've had to start camouflaging the food with Army fatigues and then whispering that dinner is ready.

They are such a nuisance.

Anyhoo, I've realized that I have spent the past couple of posts talking about the wedding... and have pretty much failed to mention all of the extended family that came in to town.  Seeing family members that you rarely get a chance to see is one of the greatest things about having a major event in your life.

And yes, I'm starting to include my Marine brother and Army sister in that category.  Because they live far, far away and are rarely seen.

I've given up on my fairy tale idea of us all living in the same cul-de-sac and borrowing eggs and cheese from each other.

Like I would ever give up my eggs anyway.

We had family come from miles and miles and miles around.  At the last wedding ( which was just last year), I barely got to see or spend time with anyone because family was staying at hotels and at different homes and we just never got together.

Such a shame.

So, this time I decided that if people were up for it... they could come out to our house on Saturday afternoon.  We would be entertaining guests anyway... and it would give every one a chance to hang out and have something to do.

Luckily, people were.

My uncle Bud kicked off the morning by making a visit to my beloved Farmer's Market.  You know... the one that is right down the street.  I awoke to a counter top full of beautiful produce...

Uncle Bud worked endlessly in the kitchen.  He chopped and sliced and diced and mixed.  And created some incredible seasoned veggies and fruits. 

It was such a pleasure to have him in my kitchen!!  He is extremely creative and was able to teach me a thing or three.

Kev worked endlessly at the grill.  Shirtless.  The way all guys in Gaston cook their meat.
And then family started to arrive. 

My brother (soon-to-be Daddy) and Laura (mommy-to-be) and Bethany....

I need for you to notice that Dave and Laura are making the exact same faces in the above and below pictures.  If that isn't true love/soul mate stuff ... I don't know what is.
My awesome cousins... aka The Pawleys Island Peeps... Carrie and Angela!!! Carrie is getting married in November!!! And Angela is the mommy to the extremely precious Lillian!! 
Sweet Lillian with her Mommy....
Other family members joined as well.... My Aunt Laurie.  Her boyfriend John.  My (pregnant) sister Holly.  Husband Kris.  Bethany's boyfriend Teddy.  Cousin Ross.  My Mom and Dad. And Kev's Mom, Mary.

I loved having this sweet girl at my house!!!

The cookout was fun... but was over in the blink of an eye.  We had a wedding to get to.  More specifically, I had to leave early to do hair and makeup.  And bark out orders.  And poke my niece's eyeballs out... accidentally, of course.

But not before I got my fill of banana pudding.  It was the only way I could make it through the day.

Banana pudding has magic powers.  Especially the recipe from my cousin Brandy. 

It was AWESOME spending time with so many members of my family!! Absolutely awesome!!

And now I will just have to wait until November to do it again....

There are so many amazing things happening this year... We are SO blessed!!


  1. Shout out from the Pawleys Island Peeps! We had a great time at the cookout/pool party! It was awesome to see everyone and catch up. I loved the Banana Pudding also! P.S. I can't wait for November either (you can't hear me, but I am squealing)! Love, Carrie

  2. Thanks for having us. It was so enjoyable for me to float in the pool and chat a little with everyone. You and kev outdid yourselves hosting us for the afternoon.