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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back To The Real World

After a crazy wonderful weekend such as LAST weekend.... it is usually so hard for me to get back in a normal routine.

It's almost like I'm going through a de-tox.

From family.  From busy schedules.  From cake.

Except for "busy schedules" is my middle name.

Our house is so quiet. 

We are back to a (semi) healthy eating schedule.

I got my hair color fixed. ( so much better.... I will actually go back to her now.  maybe.)

And I worked out!  I went to boxing class.  It has been almost a month.  I'm dying right now.  And my legs have already turned in their resignation.

It was SO hard.  Like flipping the biggest tires I've ever seen across the floor hard.  Like jumping rope for three minutes straight and then dropping and doing one trillion push ups hard. 

I missed it so much.  And I'm sure they missed me too.  Even though I was running late and I got yelled at first thing.

I seriously want to be a boxer when I grow up.

I spent today getting caught up on me.  Which means... doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, getting caught up on work, and laying out by the pool. 

I even took a nap in my favorite float.  It was so relaxing.

And then I spent the early evening coming up with delicious meal ideas for the summer. 

Inspired by these surprise gifts...

These gifts were awaiting me when I got home Sunday night.   Our houseguests, The Martins, left them for us as a thank you for our hospitality.

They were completely unnecessary.... but oh so amazing.  And thoughtful.  And incredible.  And generous.

And I may have just screamed outloud and ran around the yard in circles.

It was truly OUR PLEASURE to have them stay with us.  We enjoy having them around SO much!

This is what was inside the bags....
All from Williams Sonoma.  My Aunt Sandi went "red themed" as that is my favorite color.  Salsas, bbq sauces, spatulas, spices, pizza crust, and the list goes on.

You better believe that I will be posting some recipes soon!!  I can't wait!!

And speaking of thoughtfulness and generousity.... Bethany's boyfriend, Teddy, gave us a very nice bottle of wine as a thank you.  Again... not necessary... but definitely a brownie point for him because it was our first time meeting him.  I would say that we absolutely approve!!

We always have the best company.

I love my family.  :)

I ended my day with a glass of this...

Created by Bethenny Frankel - one of the Real Housewives of NY ... just in case you live under a rock.  They are healthy (er) than regular maragaritas and super yummy.  Bethany and I were supposed to try them over the weekend... but, as usual, we ran out of time.  So, I drank one in her honor today and decided that it was for the best because that means there is more for me.

I've got a long time friend/co worker coming to stay with us tomorrow to help me get better settled in my new store.  Good thing that the house is still clean from the weekend.  We've just got a few more days of acting civilized and then it is back to throwing my clothes on the floor and drinking straight out of the milk carton.

Except I would never do that because I would end up spilling it all over myself.

Wedding details will be coming soon.....  

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