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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Three Hour Tour

All three hours were in the same room.

In the corner.

Up against the wall.

And sitting on a bike.

I rode with purpose on Saturday.

And not because I had basically eaten an entire "failed" cake the night before.

I rode to benefit the American Diabetes Association

But ended up also challenging myself physically in the process.

I've never ridden for that long before.  In an intense spin class kind of way.

And I wouldn't have ever signed up for a double benefit except for the girl at the front desk "challenged" me.

Apparently, I am still prone to peer pressure.

Some thing that I am not proud of.

But it was all worth it in the end.

My biggest issue... was staying hydrated.  I chose to ignore Kev's suggestion of taking Gatorade and therefore did NOT get enough fluids.

In fact, I am still feeling dehydrated today.

As far as being sore.... well, the soreness I was most worried about is what would be caused by sitting on a bike seat for three hours.  I ended up using a gel seat and haven't had a single problem.

That I'm aware of. 

I hope some one would tell me if I was walking funny.

My inner thighs are a little painful but I barely notice it unless I attempt to crab walk across the floor or perform toe kicks.

All in all, I am very pleased with how my body is reacting to intense fitness.  It seems that I am getting stronger and stronger.

Unless I go to boxing class.  My tail gets kicked there every single time!

But all of the leg work did make me forget about how sore my arms and abs were.

At least until I have to do some chores.  And then the soreness all comes back to me.

Final Thoughts:

1.  I love supporting a good cause!

2.  I HATE Diabetes!! It is such a jerk!

3.  Gel seats are a fabulous invention.

4.  I love having cake to eat when I get  home from a workout.

5.  I love having the cake around.  Period.  ( I promise the recipe will be coming soon!)

6.  A guy my Dad's age riding next to me commented that I had "40 years on him".  I immediately asked him to marry me.  And offered to share my cake.  And was thrilled that this class takes place in the dark.  :)

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