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Monday, May 23, 2011


1.  It is an interesting city.

2.  It rhymes with bacon.

3.  Getting there was a little "Deliverance".  ( If you don't know what that means then you are TOO YOUNG.  Go away!)

4.  I did, however, pass The Whistle Stop Cafe!  From the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  ( If you haven't seen that movie then I'm afraid you are going to have get lost!)

5.  I got lost in Trisha Yearwood's home town.  A nice gentleman let me follow him back to the main road.  ( That really had nothing to do with Macon and everything to do with nice Southern gentlemen)

6.  It is my home for the next four days.

I'm sitting in a hotel.  At 7pm on a Monday night.  With nothing to do but blog and look at cookbooks and sleep.

I'm so exhausted.

Sitting still in a room for hours and hours today just about did me in.

Especially when I had lots to read.  As it turns out, I only like to read about wizards and food.  And some times vampires. 

But it will be worth it in the long run.  And it doesn't hurt that I'm getting paid to do it.  :)

This is all of the stuff I brought with me...

 I desperately need an assistant that can teach me to pack.

And one that would also be willing to read lots of information for me.

I brought so much stuff.  I even have one bag that ONLY has workout clothes in it.... including an "outfit" for each day.  Two pairs of workout shoes... one for running, one for the elliptical and weightlifting.  And a swimsuit and goggles in case I want to swim laps.  ( I just rolled my eyes when I typed that)

It is a bit ridiculous.  Especially since I am too tired to even ride up four floors on an elevator.

And then there is the food situation.  I decided NOT to pack food this time.  But I did go to Publix on my first night and purchased the following:  a veggie sub, bananas, watermelon, greek yogurt, and water.

I get $55.00 A DAY to spend on food.  And that is what I purchased.  I didn't even come close to my daily budget. Not to mention that I got a salad today for my lunch for $4.34.  And then ate the rest of my sub and some watermelon for dinner.

If I got any rowdier when I was traveling... I might need to be locked up.

The old me would have purchased exactly $55.00 worth of food and then once I was full I would have driven around town and thrown the leftovers  out of the car window. 

Just because it was "free".

Ok.  So, maybe I wouldn't have ever thrown it out the window.  But only because I would have eaten every single bite.

Totally not necessary.....  To overeat because it is free.

Oh well, you never know.... I may splurge on some guacamole tomorrow.

On another note.... Our pool is opened for summer!!!!!!!!

Greatest words I ever heard.

Kev "opened" it on Saturday. 

And he opened it by pulling out my lounge chair, some pool toys, my raft, and making me these...

Aren't they beautiful!!??

He has become quite the barkeep.  Especially because he never needs to be tipped.

His plan pretty much worked because I stayed occupied and out of his hair for at least a couple of hours.

Or until I needed a refill.

I just love hot pool days.  They make all of our hard work worthwhile.  :)

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