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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheese and Chores

The worst combination EVER.

But some times you need cheese to help you get through the chores.

In fact, I think it should be a requirement.

Even though I hardly ever eat cheese these days.   Unless you are counting the last seven days.

And then I'm still just as cheese addicted as I've always been.

I needed the cheese to help me get through "the change".

And I'm talking about my change in jobs!!  Geez.  I'm not that old.... yet. 

Even though my gray hairs tell a different story.

Anyway.... moving on....

Today was yard work day.  And it required getting up VERY early. 

Like at 9am.

We needed to beat the heat.  Except for in SC that is impossible this time of year.  The "heat" was awake by 10 and had a ton of fun beating down on us and making us sweat.

And doing THIS to my hair....

My hair was perfectly pulled back when I first went outside.

Well, perfectly pulled back as a rat's nest can be.

I also chose to wear my swimsuit.  (Don't worry... I had on a cover-up)  Just in case that "someone" would want to throw me in the pool.

But it turns out that that "someone" was too busy taking his chores seriously and didn't have time for such tom foolery.

I guess it is a good thing that one of us stays focused.

It means the job always gets completed.

We picked up tree limbs.  Pine cones.  Shrubbery.  Trimmed hedges.  Raked stuff.  Hid behind bushes and jumped out at each other.  Swept sidewalks.  Swatted gnats out of our faces.  Sweated a lot.  Picked up trash ( luckily I only found a non-winning lotto ticket and a brown paper bag- our litter bug problem is getting better... I hope)

And pulled weeds.  My all time favorite.

I would call this morning a success. 

Kev would probably call this morning frustrating.

But at least we got it all done.

Not only was it necessary... but we are preparing for guests.  My sister's wedding is in TWO WEEKS.

And now for the cheese part.....

Our lunch was a double doozie.

Starting with this soup...
My sis, Holly, gave this soup mix to us for Christmas.  It is a great thing because #1 we love soup!  and #2 we love cheese  and #3 we love things that are easy to throw together on days that we have chores.
You basically just throw everything in to the pot and wait. 

And to go along with it, I pulled out my LAST loaf of Great Harvest Cheddar Garlic bread.  Sob!!!!

If I don't get back to Greenville soon... I'm afraid our world is going to come to an end.  I'm on my last Trader Joe's nut butter and OUT OF BREAD!!

I decided to make grilled cheese paninis to go along with the Broccoli Cheddar soup.

If you think that is too much cheese in one setting then I am sad for you. 

Because it was pretty much awesome.

I was going to buy some fresh cheddar cheese from the Fresh Market.... but remembered that I still had a package of Gruyere cheese from Kev's birthday dinner last December.

It was just about the best decision that I made all week.
I sliced the cheese.  Stuck it in between to slices of the cheddar garlic bread.  And then shut the lid on the panini maker.

Then I passed out and dreamed of hot gooey cheese.

Except for it wasn't a dream.  I was actually eating it. 


If Gruyere cheese wasn't so expensive, I would buy it every day and carpool with it to work.

We would be best friends forever.

But, then again, I'm sure it would make quite the mess on my newly cleaned car seat.

Did I mention that I cleaned the inside of my car today?

I love it when I'm productive.

Because it doesn't happen often. :)

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