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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Potato Frittata

You probably think it is a little strange that this was my first frittata.  Seeing as how I am TOTALLY obsessed with eggs and can't seem to get enough of them.

Speaking of eggs.... I have not had ANY since last Saturday.

That is the down fall of traveling.

They are too unstable to travel with... and I don't trust most restaurant's eggs.

It is not normal to eat an egg that is in a circular shape.  And it is not healthy to eat an egg that has been cooked in cow grease.

Ewww.  I just made myself gag.

Anyway, I felt it was only fitting to send myself off on my new adventure with a belly full of egg.

Not to mention that I had been dying to try this recipe.  And my sweet potatoes were practically begging for attention. 

I got the recipe from here

(There are multiple recipes that give the option of bacon.  I went with the "meatless" one because I wanted to make it vegetarian.... but I did have bacon bits - the more real ones NOT bacos- for Kev to sprinkle on top of his.)

The recipe was super easy.  Especially with the help of my handy dandy food processor. 

I didn't have to slice a single potato.  I just peeled them and dropped them in.  The blade took care of the rest.

I also DOUBLED the recipe to make sure that we had leftovers.

Oh.  And I used almond milk instead of regular milk.

The frittata cooked perfectly! 

And was easy to remove from the pan.  Just like a pie.
We didn't even miss the crust.

Two slices were perfect... with a side of fruit.

And it made enough for us to both have two slices for lunch the next day.

The sweet potatoes give it a yummy sweet taste without it being overly sweet.

We found it to be de-light-ful.

And speaking of delightful.... my new job has been wonderful so far.  Even though it is hard to teach an "old" dog new tricks. 

Luckily, my tricks can pretty much stay the same.  That is what got me here in the first place.  :)

On another note... I had all intentions of blogging like a crazy person over the last couple of days.  Until I started having issues (AGAIN) with blogger.  It finally came back up for me today.  I'm not sure what keeps happening.. but I am determined to stay on top of it.  The next couple of weeks are going to be insanely busy and I don't want to get behind!!

Speaking of "behind".... I'm off to do some squats....

I have to do something to counteract all of the wedding donuts that I'm about to consume!

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