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Monday, May 16, 2011

FIsh Tacos

I realize that I said I would "tell you all about my meal" after I was finished eating.  And I realize that I said that a couple of days ago.  I feel the need to reassure you that I have NOT been eating all of this time.... even though I HAVE been eating for most of it.

And enjoying a mai tai or three.

Great, new recipes were tried and tested this weekend.  And besides making all of them and working and attempting to sleep.... I haven't had much time.

But that's all about to change... because I'm going to get caught up this week.

I hope you like reading about a lot of food. 

 More than usual.  :)

So, I'm officially in love.

And I never would have thought it in a million years.

I mean, in the past if I wanted a taco, I wanted a full-on ground beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomato taco.

I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Except for maybe with chicken.

But fish? Who cares.

Until I read recipe upon recipe for fish tacos around Cinco de Mayo.  It seems they have become just as popular ( if not more) than the crunchy taco supreme of my dreams.

So, we decided to give them ANOTHER shot.  ( The batch I tried before didn't turn out quite right)

But this time... it was all about the grill.

It was grill night after all.

So, it worked out perfectly.

Especially since I decided to season it with this....

 I mixed some  a lot of the spice with some olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, and cilantro.

It sat at room temp for 30 minutes... and then headed to the grill.

We were so excited to finally use the fish grilling basket that I gave Kev for Christmas.

 The lid makes it so easy to flip...
 Where's Kev?
 There he is!
 The final product was INCREDIBLE!!! So flavorful! 

We started eating it right out of the basket.

And probably didn't even wash our hands.

We are dirty like that.

 I decided to put the fish inside a crunchy taco shell.  We had  a package from Trader Joe's that had been sitting in the pantry for a couple of months. 

And  because crunchy taco shells knock my socks off.

I added shredded and salted cabbage and sliced avocado.
 And then decided to add some hot sauce... because my taste buds forced me to.
 The final product...
I had to blow my nose half way through the meal.

I may have over done it with the hot sauce.

And maybe next time I will use mango salsa.

But it was still yum-tastic.  And good to the last bite.  And caused songs of happiness to ensue.
All of which ensure that the tacos will be making a regular appearance on our summer menu.

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