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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Food And Wine Festival

The day is finally here. For me to avenge my previous experiences at the food and wine festival. I have a long list, an empty stomach and friends to share with.

Let the eating begin.

And how fitting that the Food and Wine Festival was celebrating it's FIFTEENTH anniversary. Guess who else is....

Well, actually it is almost SIXTEEN years. But who is counting. We are still in the fifteenth year which is pretty darn cool. And it gave us lots of opportunities for prom like pictures....

We ( me and Kev) had already decided that this special event was NOT a day for rides. It was strictly food and festivus. And we definitely followed that plan. THE ENTIRE DAY. With family members coming and going depending on their level of hungry. I even took a mini nap in front of Mexico. Yes, I am very cool like that.
And I've decided the best way to tell our story is to list every single thing that went in to my families' mouths. By country, of course. And with some pictures. ( I had planned to take a pic of every morsel of food... but alas, a couple of bites in and I had already forgotten) And just so you know what I actually ate - in case you are keeping track of my eating abilities- I will put a "star" next to the things I tried. It is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.
So, we started off in Mexico.
*A bowl of guacamole and chips. Plus two strawberry lime margaritas.

( This was only the beginning and Kev proclaimed " I am so happy right now. I have a bowl of guacamole and a margarita". And I knew then that it was gonna be a great day.)

There was a little bit of nacho cheese left in the cup - and I knew my Dad- who believes that wasting food is right up there with murder- would finish it off. And he did. With a straw because we didn't have any utensils.... ( I heard banjos playing in the back ground)

Then China...
* pork pot stickers
*xinjiang bbq chicken stick.
green tea plum wine cooler
The pot stickers were fabulous. And Kev says that anything on a stick is fun to eat. They also had black pepper shrimp with noodles. My Dad tried that and allowed me to try a smidge of noodle. It is my one regret of the day that I did not go back and get my own plate of this stuff. It was wonderful.

South Korea -
*barbecue short rib with steamed rice and cucumber kimchi. ( Kev's fave)
lettuce wraps with roast pork and kimchi slaw
herbal rice wine
black raspberry rice wine

Poland -
Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream
Pork Stuffed Cabbage
Pastel de Choclo ( beef and corn pie)
grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce
roasted corn and cheese empanada
Singapore -
* Coconut braised beef rendang with jasmine rice
* Singapore Sling ( WOWZA! way too strong for my liking - but one of Dave's faves)
*New England Lobster Roll ( my fave - so yummy and I've already found the recipe)
*Bison chili with cabernet and wild mushrooms ( take it or leave it - tasted just like any other chili)
*Hummus and crispy pita. WE HAD THIS TWICE!! Yum!
*Parisian Cosmo Slush
I wanted someone to try the escargot - but couldn't get any one to do it. :(
We took a break here for a little while. And just let our stomachs chill....

And then went to Ireland-
*Fisherman's Pie ( lobster and scallop in a pot pie - YUM CITY!)
Warm chocolate lava cake

Things got a little rowdy after we discovered the PASSIONFRUIT margaritas. Back in Mexico. And yes it was a long walk back- but worth it. Multiple times. One of my favorite drinks ever.

Another visit to France for the Parisian Cosmo Slush...

Then Canada-
Chicken Chipotle Sausage with Sweet Corn ( Dad's fave)
The Meat plate - applewood smoked beef, duck and ham
Cheese Fondue with croutons and roasted potatoes
Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki
And yes, we loitered around a trash can for an hour or so. That way we didn't have to walk so far to throw our trash away. Pretty classy.

All of that food and we didn't even make it to the following countries...
Puerto Rico
South Africa
Nor did we even try all of the offerings at the countries we did make it to.
This festival deserves two to three days of dedication.
But we couldn't stop there. Nope. It was 8:40pm. The park closed at 9pm. And I had already made reservations for the NEW Italian restaurant - JUST IN CASE we were still hungry.
Which we weren't. But who cares. Because it was out of this world!!

It is a new pizzeria. One where they make the mozzarella cheese home made. And cook the pizzas in fancy pizza ovens...

So, we ordered bread. Chicken parmesan. A pitcher of beer. And two pizzas - pepperoni and four cheese....

The pizzas were heaven on a plate. So delicious that words cannot describe. If Kev didn't mind, I would move to Orlando and live inside the pizza oven and just eat pizzas all day. It would be hot - but worth it.
At this point. My body was numb with food. And the park was completely closed and dark. We were some of the last people there. So, what do you do when you are EXTREMELY full and tired. Well, you head out of the back of the park to The Boardwalk ( where we hung out the night before) and go to Jellyrolls - the Piano Bar. And then you attempt to dance off some calories but instead just lean up against the wall hoping that your extreme participation in the festival does not do damage to internal organs.
If you are a foodie. And a festival fan. Then this is truly a great event for you to experience. I loved every second of it. AND we even got to see/hear NIGHT RANGER in concert.
You know. Night Ranger. The eighties band that was a one hit wonder. "Sister Christian.. oh the time has come". Look it up.
I just went back to read over the post and feel like I didn't really eat all that much compared to how much food was there. But believe me. I was walking with a limp and had slurred speech. And not because of the eleventy billion passionfruit margaritas I had. It was because of the food.
Anyway, next year my SIL Laura and I are going to run the Food and Wine half marathon. In October. And then we get to join our families at the festival for an "after run celebration". Maybe I won't feel so guilty about eating so much if I have just run my tail off.
Food and Wine Festival - I heart you!
Coming Soon..... Our Not So Scary Mickey's Halloween EXTRAVAGANZA!! SO.MUCH.FUN!


  1. You look so great! Next time get someone to take more pictures of YOU! I'm really glad Kev got to go and experience the Food and Wine Festival with you. At first it sounded like you ate so much, but when I read all the selections and things you didn't try, it didn't seem like you ate much at all. Anyway, it seems like something we may want to try sometime soon - do you get a ticket for the festival and then just start eating or do you pay as you go??? Keep the pictures and narration coming - reading your blog is the most fun thing to do!

  2. Thanks!!
    You have to get a park ticket for Epcot to get in to the festival. And then you pay for food as you go. Which is probably best for me because if I was allowed to just start eating ( which would be awesome) I would probably be in a food coma right now. :)

  3. Sounds like a great day. I can't believe all the food and drinks you were able to try. I have never been to the festival, but it sounds like something I will need to do one day. I can't wait to finish reading about your trip.