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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Of This... A Little Of That.....

I've just got a couple of things to tell you. Random bits of information that probably do not deserve their own post.

1. I finally scored on finding some canned pumpkin!!

So, I bought as much as I could carry. Because I'm a hoarder like that. This stuff is elusive. I had to go to three stores to find it - and ended up getting it from Walmart. My nemesis. I've got big plans for this pumpkin. BIG PLANS! And you better believe you will be a part of them - even if all you get to do is experience them through reading.

2. Apparently I wrote about my love for Slim Jims in a recent post. A post that I cannot seem to find now - nor do I remember writing about. It is a true story that some times I go back and read a post and am just as surprised as you are as to what comes out of my mouth/hands/head (?). Anyway, he came home the other day after catching up on my millions of posts ( five) from the summer and was so intrigued that he did not know this piece of info about me. I guess that makes me a closet Slim Jim eater. Because Kev pretty much knows every thing - I mean I talk about myself constantly and all. So, then I confessed that my Dad used to buy them for me when we would go fishing or on road trips. And I grew to absolutely love them. So, when I'm on the road - I get myself one. Every once in a while. A Slim Jim and a diet Dr. Pepper. Excellent combo! And I would really rather not know what they are made of because oddly enough I have a very strange aversion to meat - and am picky about what kind and how much I eat. So, I'm sure that Slim Jim's don't really have a place in my life.

3. And speaking of road trips. I'm going on one. TOMORROW! I am going to the Food and Wine Festival in EPCOT. And let me just shout it from the rooftops that I CANNOT WAIT! I've got plans. Big plans. And I've got to pace myself because there is so much food that I want to try. Don't worry - there will be pictures. And commentary. And a detailed re enactment of my adventure. And I can't leave out that I will be attending the Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. In costume of course. With a huge group that I call my family.

4. And that about wraps up my little tidbits of information. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And if you come across some canned pumpkin. You better grab it. There is a shortage, ya know.

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