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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Week's Cooking Review

I believe I promised you a weekly review. A review of how my menu tasted. The highs and the lows.

So here goes...

This was my weekly menu:

For starters, my menu got a little out of whack. I have stuck to it this entire time that no one has been watching. But the minute I put it out there for the world to see - I have a crazy week and rearrange my plans at the last minute.

The layered salad came first. It is a good ole Southern potluck recipe. Lettuce, peas, cucumbers, eggs, bacon, onions and cheese. In between the layers is a simple sour cream, mayo, salt and pepper dressing. Kev loves it. It is something different and refreshing. Also it is easy to pack for lunch. I threw some Texas Toast croutons on the top and it was complete.
Next up: Onion Souffle.

I had never made this before. It was basically tons of Vidalia onions cut up in a sourdough bread mix with parmesan cheese. It was an excellent side dish. Definitely deserves a place on your Thanksgiving table. And the fact that it is healthy makes it so much better. I served it with beef tenderloin and the leftover peas from the layered salad.

Breakfast Casserole. You have to make this ahead of time because it has to sit overnight. It seems like a lot of work the night you make it because you probably also just finished cooking and cleaning up another supper. But on the actual night you serve it - EASY PEASY!

This is a picture of the mini casseroles hanging out in the fridge. I used turkey sausage ( DELISH), whole grain bread, low fat cheese, and eggs. This way we had individual servings ( no overeating) and it was easy to pack for a lunch. I just added some pineapple to the meal to make it a little heartier.
Then there is the chicken lombardy. Let me just warn you that my "new to me" camera and I aren't getting along so well. I can't seem to adjust the flash or bright light settings - so the chicken looks pretty scary even though it was great.

The chicken is cooked in white wine and chicken stock with mushrooms and a tiny bit of mozzarella. It is served over whole wheat angel hair pasta. With a side of brussel sprouts. I'm sure that I've mentioned that Kev and brussels must stay separated at all times. Due to their dislike of each other. But since I happened to get brussels ON SALE and the fact that I love to push Kev to try new things... I added them to the meal. BUT I cooked them in the same white wine broth and roasted them in the oven. They were pretty darn good. I only made Kev eat three of them and he said he liked them. ( Of course, that may be because I threatened him with more if he complained about eating them)
And then there is the buttermilk chicken which did not make it on the camera. We seriously ate it soooo fast before I could even think about it. It was scrumptious. The sauce on the chicken was made with fat free buttermilk and fat free cream of mushroom soup ( plus a couple of different spices). You pour it over the chicken and brown rice. Throw a couple of fresh green beans that I sauteed in olive oil and garlic and you are all set.
Oh - and the lasagna was a Stouffer's. I make those for Kev from time to time if I am working a lot so he can eat it for a couple of lunches at work.
All of the recipes for the week came from Southern Livings Greatest Recipes magazine that I acquired a couple of years ago.
And I think I just won the award for the least entertaining post ever. Unless you like food and cooking and stuff. Then maybe you enjoyed it.
Just wait until you see the next week's menu. It's gonna get crazy!

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