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Friday, October 8, 2010

I've Got The Cooking Bug Again

It's back.

The illness of mine that involves an obsession with food.

And it's not really like it was ever cured and then returned. It never left. It was just on summer vacation. I mean, I still cooked all summer. How else would we have survived. And we still tried new things and new flavors.

But my full on, recipe hoarding, month at a time menu planning, making googly eyes at the produce section of Publix, dreaming of sugar plums dancing in my head .... IS BACK.

And it is back with a VENGEANCE!

Except it will be a little different this time. Because I'm cooking for health. And in moderation. But don't let that deter you from my kitchen... because I never said it would be without flavor. In fact, I am hoping to produce some incredibly flavorful meals.

Starting NOW.

Because last night doesn't count. The meal was flavorful all right. But a little too much. It seems my unorthodox love for chipotle peppers made a disruption in my peaceful little supper when I used THREE whole peppers instead of the 1/2 of one that was in the recipe. I mean, let's face it.. when making a Mexican recipe - 1/2 of a pepper doesn't seem like much. But if you have ever tried one of these peppers then you know it is more than enough. So, one bite in to my healthy shrimp quesadillas and little tiny beads of sweat popped up on the top of Kev's head. And we LOVE spicy food. So the sweat beads meant that I went a little over board which resulted in him drinking an entire gallon of tea.

Let's just say that I went back and re-opened each quesadilla and removed the seeds and peppers so he could eat them as leftovers.

And now for the point of this post...

My new purpose for this blog is to document the meals. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But, no worries. It won't all be about food. I will do this in addition to the crazy shenanigans that we seem to get involved in each week. I'm thinking a weekly food post.

( And for those of you saying "yeah, right... she can't even manage posting once a week - not even once a month"... then I say "fair enough. I've been so slack and so busy and I will do my best to keep up with my plans") Trust me. ( That was actually fun. Having a conversation with my readers in parenthesis)


I will base my post on my menu board... Remember this?
Yes. I still use it. EVERY week. Even though Kev informed me last night that he never looks at it. WHAT? After the entire one minute a week of work that it takes me to keep up with it - and he never looks at it. Well, that's ok. Because I do. And I still love it. And it keeps me organized. And it apparently needs to be cleaned. And I realize the picture looks off center but it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture of this straight on because of all the lighting ( I'm not complaining) in my kitchen.

So, off center it is.

I will just feature the highlights. And hopefully share some amazing recipes that you can share with your family.

It's just a way I can give back. Especially since Goodwill won't take all my old 80's clothes. Or mustache trimmer. Or collection of trolls.

And now I'm off to do some food research. Which may or may not involve me putting some thing in to my mouth.

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