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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Failures And Successes

I am coming up on another birthday - 30 days to be exact. Which is why I have spent most of my vacation deep in thought.

Deep in thought about my life. Where it is going. What I am doing. What makes me happy. I have had some MAJOR failures this year. And some MAJOR learnings and successes. This year has been quite a turning point for me. And I have realized that ultimately you cannot depend on any one else to make you happy. IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! And then I randomly came across this manifesto for life. And it made so much sense....

I think I might get this tattooed on my back. Except in sharpie. Because I don't really care much for real tattoos.

Reaching "mid-life" has been hard. But I realized that I'm smarter, stronger, and more in control of my destiny than the silly little 18 year old girl in the framed photo on Kev's nightstand. So what if I'm covered in wrinkles and haven't been carded since I was five years old - it is all about the experiences and the laughter and the tears ( both good and bad) and .. you know I have to mention... the food.

I sure do love some food.

And speaking of failures and food..... I actually made a pretty disgusting dinner this week. I envisioned such a delicious, healthy meal and ended up with a bucket of slop. It all started with these....

Parsnips. Which we had never eaten before. They are FULL of nutrients and goodness and supposedly taste good baked in the oven with olive oil and salt.

Well, actually I thought they were pretty good. Drenched in ketchup. They have an interesting taste - and when you have in your mind that they will taste like fries. And they don't. Well, it's not so fun.
But then the real kicker was the portobello mushroom sandwich. GAAA- ROOOSSS. I grilled a big mushroom. And put it on a sandwich thin with a huge roasted red pepper, spinach leaves, tomato and mustard. Some thing was off about it. Like maybe too much liquid from the mushroom and the pepper. And it just was one big mushy wet sandwich. I HAD to throw the other two away...

And apologized under my breath to my Dad for throwing out good food. Except for it wasn't good.
And then I had to bake a quiche for Kev's lunch the next day - because I was planning on him taking leftovers.
Oh well... you live and you learn. Tonight I am making two vegan Thanksgiving side dishes with a honey roasted turkey breast. I guess that is kind of rude to serve turkey with vegan side dishes. But that's how we roll.

After proof reading this post I believe that I may win an award for "most random mish-mosh of thoughts" ever. But, like I said, I've been doing a lot of thinking and just needed to clean out my brain files... if ya know what I mean.
Hopefully coming soon.... A Disney trip recap. ( Still waiting on family pics) and of course, OUR HALLOWEEN/HOUSEIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA

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