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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Revisiting Recipes

It is a known fact that I am obsessed with cookbooks. And cooking blogs. And just plain ole recipes.

In fact, I just skimmed through all of the posts I have ever written and I have seriously posted about food or my obsession of food no less than eleventy trillion times - give or take eleven million.

And for that I apologize profusely.

Unless you enjoy cooking and have gotten a good recipe or two off of this blog, or the blogs on the right hand side of my blog. Or even straight out of my mouth.

I have been known to purchase a cooking magazine just about every single time that I have gone to the grocery store. And I have quite the obnoxious collection. A collection so big that I was going to take a picture of it - but then realized I have created quite a mess on my cookbook shelf. And throughout my house for that matter. During this week long quest to revisit some good recipes.

So, you will just have to close your eyes and imagine it. It is just about a full shelf. Like 8 feet long - give or take a couple of feet depending on how you measure.

I use a fairy wand.

And it is FULL of cookbooks and magazines. And my own personal journal books of every thing else I have collected. Whether it be online or word of mouth or someone just emails me a good one.

And unfortunately, I have no rhyme or reason to the journal books. I just write recipes in order that I receive them. So, I have to depend on my trusty brain to know what is inside.

Also, unfortunately, I have STOPPED buying cooking magazines. I had to put myself on restriction once I began the mad world of couponing. There is NO room in my budget for words printed on paper. Therefore, in my mad frenzy that I have begun - the one where I'm so ready for Fall and cooking - I have decided to revisit EVERY.SINGLE.BOOK that I have collected over the years. And make every recipe inside that falls in to to the following categories:

1. Every thing unless it has heavy cream.

That's it. I'm easy going that way. Heavy cream seems to be the only thing that I can't "healthify" ( not sure if that is a word - don't judge me). I am also skipping desserts - but making a list of ones that look amazing and I will make them for upcoming events.

And speaking of upcoming events, I have a journal that lists each one and what recipes I would like to make for them. And which books/mags/journals they are located in. Isn't that smart? That way, when Columbus Day rolls around and I want to make Pilgrim food ( or whatever it is that Columbus ate) I can turn to the appropriate page. Then turn to the appropriate book. And then cook away.

I amaze myself sometimes with my organization.

Kev will tell you that I amaze him with my lack of it.

And then I will respond to that with "I'm organized when it's important"

Which is why my sock drawer is just a bucket of mismatched socks. That is why I only try on shoes behind closed doors.

So, each night this week as Kev is auditioning new tv shows to our Fall viewing schedule, I am busy turning pages and making lists and making meal plans.

( My down time is WAY too precious to waste on a show that we may or may not watch - once he gives it the green light, THEN I will get involved. But don't worry. I've got a post planned to discuss our tv watching habits.)

( You are welcome)

I just re-read this post and have decided that the point of it is to let you know how many amazing recipes are out there. There are so many wonderful cooks, chefs, blogs, and books. So, if you are having trouble coming up with what you are making for supper. Get creative. Try something new. Get online. Cooking expresses my love for the person I am making it for. ( Unless I have to cook for the devil - then I would probably put poison in it. Or rat poop.). Food brings people together. It's the main part of every celebration. And it is just something I REALLY enjoy doing.

( Am I still making any sense or have I gone over the edge?)

Hopefully, you will get some great ideas from this site. Or atleast enjoy reading about them.

And now I think I need to go take an Advil ( or three) and chill out a little. Kev is "googling" rehabs for recipe addicts.

Goodbye for now.

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