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Friday, October 15, 2010

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much T.V.?

No Way!

Unless that is all you ever did and your body was officially fused with the couch. Then I would say that you had been watching a little too much - but maybe you could get a guest spot on a talk show about compulsive tv watching. And you could become famous.

I would be a little wary of being invited to a talk show, though. Because it could be a trick and you could really be on a show about paternity tests, baby's mommas, or circus clowns that happen to be your secret admirer.

And I REALLY hate clowns.

And I also REALLY need to stop sharing bizarre thoughts of mine. You might start to think I am strange.

Anyway, you have always wanted to know what me and Kev watch on tv. I am sure of it. And so I figured I would finally dedicate a post to our Fall television watching schedule.

( You may want to grab a paper bag just in case your excitement causes you to hyperventilate)

Our nighttime tv watching is our "special" time together. It is the part of the day that I look forward to the most. Relaxing and hanging out with my best friend. Even if some days I do not get home from work until 10:30pm, we still spend some time watching the tube. It is just how we wind down.

The summers can be rough, though. With all the shows on hiatus - we are left to watch random NetFlix movies, re runs of Glee, and the dreaded Sci Fi. You would think that my boredom would have led me to post more on the blog - but a blog post requires peace and quiet and alone time. And I spent most tv watching nights sighing heavily, reading other people's blogs, and flipping through magazines and cookbooks.

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the company. The company is the most important part after all. And I DID really enjoy Glee. Watching it this past summer has ensured it's addition to our weekly line-up.

And as for the Net Flix. It has TONS of potential but when the person (Kev) who orders all the movies bases his choices on if they were rated 4 out of 5 stars. And there are only FOUR tv nerds who actually go on NetFlix to rate the movies and they close their eyes and just push any random button ( which happens to be a #4 most of the time) ... then hopefully you understand why I role my eyes when I see the red envelope in our stack of mail.

Oh, and I can't leave out a comment about Sci Fi. I used to be a junkie. There were actually some pretty cool shows that we would watch together. And then they all got cancelled. So, now my extent of watching Sci Fi is when shows like "Sharktopus" ( betcha can't guess what two animals made that monster) or "Tremors Part 15" is on.

I guess they are good for a laugh.

As you can tell, I was desperately COUNTING THE MINUTES until the new Fall shows began. And let me just say that it has been a mixed bag this year.

We knew going in to this season that we would have to replace LOST and 24. Two shows that made us what we are today. Adrenaline junkies. Except we only like to watch. Not partake. We enjoyed LOST so much that we had season premiere and finale parties. IN COSTUME. And as for 24 - some times it was a little hard to take. But you gotta love Kiefer. Me and him go way back to The Lost Boys ( I just realized that maybe he is responsible for my fascination with vampires)... and I've never stopped feeling sorry for him since he was dumped by Julia Roberts in the late 80's /early 90's. ( That time period is a blur for me)

So, Kev decided that we would "audition" new shows. Because he is a lover of every one and wants to give every one a chance. This world would be at peace if he was in charge.

Me- notsomuch! I read one sentence in to the description of the show and I'm over it already. I give 15 people/things/tv shows a chance each year and my quota is almost up. I don't have the time or the patience. Which is why I have been reading blogs, flipping through magazines and cookbooks, and knitting leaf covers for our MULTITUDE of plants that are completely overtaking our home. ( I love each and every one of the little suckers, though. They sure do make me smile)

So, after about three weeks.... I think we finally have it narrowed down.

And now I will present to you our MUTUAL tv show loves:

CSI - Original, Miami, New York ( love the addition of Sela Ward)
Criminal Minds ( so sad to see A.J. leave the show, though)
Modern Family ( HI-larious!)
30 Rock ( perfect cast)
Community ( Joel McHale is some good times!)
NCIS- Los Angeles
Lie To Me

Shows we are on the fence about:

Fringe ( used to be a favorite - hate the story line this season)
The Office ( boo hoo! Used to be my absolute favorite. I'm having a hard time getting in to it this year)
The Chase ( new show. I thought we were watching something else the first time we watched it so I refused to give it the time of day because I hated that something else and then at the very last scene, I realized we were watching a new show and have since enjoyed watching it. I don't want to dedicate too much time to it though - in case it gets cancelled.)

Shows that only I am OBSESSED with:

The Real Housewives of The O.C, New York, New Jersey (some times), and BEVERLY HILLS ( which just started last night and I have yet to see an episode but just know that I will love it so much because one of the housewives was a child star for Disney and was in one of my all time favorite movies named " Escape to Witch Mountain" ) I do not, however, enjoy the Atlanta or D.C. ladies. They are not fun/funny at all! ( to me)

Top Chef - ANYTHING. Cooking competitions are like cheese to me. I never get tired of eating them.
That didn't really make any sense.
Anyway, right now I am watching Top Chef - Desserts. Which is FULL O' DRAMA. And I have to say that I watch cooking shows to get AWAY from drama. So, I'm a little exhausted from it but love it just the same. AND they have announced Top Chef- MASTERS which will be lots of former contestants competing AGAIN for the title. Hooray!

Friday Night Lights. It has officially been cancelled. But I sure did love the show. It was the only thing that has EVER made me want to go back to high school. But just to meet Tim Riggins. Not to sit in class again.

And now for the shows that ONLY Kev is obsessed with:

I will start by warning you that you have probably NEVER heard of any of them and might accuse me of jibba-jabba when you are done reading the list. I assure you that they are all real shows and usually the perfect thing to put you to sleep. In case you are in need of an insomnia remedy.

Stargate Universe
Top Gear ( British car show - actually pretty funny and would be my favorite of the group)
Warehouse 13

Instead of writing a summary next to each one, I will sum them up by saying (with the exception of Top Gear) that the shows involve one of the following ( if not all) Space, Monsters, Futuristic Computers and Weapons, Aliens, Girls jumping on trampolines, and More Monsters.

That about sums it up. We watch just about every thing on DVR. Unless we are eating supper. Then we might catch an episode of Big Bang Theory. Or Dancing With The Stars. Or, if I am extremely unlucky that day, Wipe Out or Funniest Home Videos. I cannot stand the last two shows. Even if I happen to laugh out loud it still doesn't mean that I care to watch either of them. But goodness gracious, Kev's eyes light up when either of them are on. You can hear his laughter from a mile away - which is why I have been known to sit in my car down the street at the corner gas station until the show is over.

God forbid there is ever an emergency during Wipe Out or Funniest Home Video. KEV WILL NOT STOP WATCHING FOR ANYTHING!

And then to finish out the evening.. we usually watch Family Guy ( hate their voices), American Dad, Robot Chicken or Chelsea Lately ( love her). Or some times if I'm super lucky we get to watch the Food Network. They have some pretty informative shows on late at night.

Well, that about wraps it up. Now that you are probably poking your eyes out with a toothpick and wishing you could have the time back in your life that it took you to read this post. And I'm sure that Kev would have had a lot more clever things to say and add to this article - the t.v being his second wife and all.... but alas, he has yet to be interested in writing for you and depends on me to type up his deepest thoughts.

And now I am off to try and find The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode - before I jump out of my skin with anticipation.


  1. I CANNOT believe we have so many top shows in commom - are you sure you're not MY child. My favorites (won't miss) are:

    CSI - Original, Miami, New York
    Criminal Minds ( I was also very sad to see A.J. leave the show-hopes she somehow comes back)
    NCIS- Los Angeles
    Lie To Me

    If I remember, I DVR Modern Family, 30 Rock (love Tina) and Community (love Chevy) and watch later.

    I do watch Chase, Castle and have watched Undercovers twice (can't decide). I also watch some of the SciFy - not so much since Stargate SG-1 is no longer on, but I watch Stargate Universe and Caprica.

    During the summer and winter I watch Burn Notice, The Closer, White Collar and Leverage instead of re-runs. I am very sad 24 is gone, but I think they are going to make a movie!!

    You and Kev could come stay with me and be happy as larks!

  2. Okay, I am OBSESSED with Bravo and especially the Housewives, glad to see someone else is to...I am thinking by now you have watched the Beverly Hills Housewives? Love A. Maloof and the lady from England. Am blown away by Camille Grammer and how out of touch with reality she is. WOW! I am writing my own blog now! Hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon!!