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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I hope you didn't mis-read the title and think that this was a sugary SWEET post about desserts, or babies, or squirrels jumping on trampolines.

Because it's not. It is about SWEAT. The disgusting ( but satisfying) liquid that pours out of my body every time that I go to the gym.

It is not to be confused with what happens when you are all dressed up for work and you have to get in to a hot car in the middle of summer. That is UN-satisfying. And ruins my whole day and my silk blouses.

( Do I even own any silk blouses? That sounds too lady-like for me)


I wanted to write about my gym experiences. And I don't really have a decent picture to post. So, I googled "pictures of people sweating". It was very interesting and gross. And it seems that women don't sweat so much because most of the pics were of men. Which is why I chose this one.... the closest resemblance...

Except it looks more like Kev. But only because if you have ever seen me at the gym then you know that I wear WAY more clothes than this. Like long pants. And long tees. And shoes. And a hat or two - depending on how unruly my hair is that day.

You would never recognize me. It is funny how many double takes I get because the ladies are trying so hard to figure out why I look vaguely familiar. ( I'm THE.LOFT.GIRL) And that only happens if I smile. My huge teeth are a dead giveaway. A Switzer family trait. If I keep my mouth closed - I'm usually safe to sweat profusely, act clumsy, and grumble under my breath.

As far as the guys at the gym are concerned. I look like one of them. They don't pay me a bit of attention. One time I went in to Kev's shop after a workout. And he said " What can I do for you today, Sir". True Story.

I could easily rob a bank with my gym disguise.

Ultimately, I have been SOOO happy being back at the gym. I mean... it's super tough to get up early in the mornings. And I have more sore muscles and aches and pains than ever before. And then there is the whole sweat issue multiple times a week. But I feel SO much better. And the classes that I take are amazing and fun. And I just missed being in that type of environment.

And I definitely still have some ( A LOT) of work to do. I'm still struggling with how much to eat and when. And which classes to take back to back and which ones not to. ( When you are on your second class and your teacher starts to look blurry and you feel nauseous. It is probably time to call it a day)

And then there is my ultimate goal of running races again. I enjoyed it so much before and have really missed being a part of raising money for good causes and crossing a finish line. I had set a personal goal to run my first race on New Year's Eve. It was the first race I ever ran over four years ago. However, when I went to register online today - they have changed the date to the day after Christmas. And guess where I will be? WORK. So, now I'm on to the Race for Hunger in February. It is a 10K in Lexington ( the second race I ran over four years ago). And it was very empowering - except for when I was running next to traffic and I could feel the eyeballs on me as I was jogging by. They were probably trying to decide my gender.

Then there is the Marine Mud Run. It is held in October. I heard about it from a friend of mine, Kelly. And then from another friend, Sarah - who in amazing detail told me every single thing I would encounter in this great challenge. Down to the last drop of mud. And now I'm hooked and a little obsessed. And can't wait to compete. In fact, I'm having Kev build every obstacle in my back yard so I can practice weekly.

He is so thrilled.

So, not only will I be supporting Marine's families. But I will have the luxury of getting as muddy as a pig. And swinging over a creek on a rope. And climbing a wall. And did I mention getting muddy. I can't wait to see the look on Kev's face when he sees the mess he has to clean up when I come running in the house to give him a big hug.

He will be so thrilled about that, too.

And last but not least, there is a Half-Marathon in Epcot in October. It is for the Food and Wine Festival. And starts at 10PM. AT NIGHT!! ( In case you didn't know what PM means) I think it would be incredible to run at night. Being that I'm so obsessed with vampires ( Tru Blood not

Twilight) Just think, if I get bitten I will forever be in a runner's body.

After the Half-Marathon, Disney has a celebration for the runners and their families at the FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL!! Does it get any better than that?

And I haven't even mentioned the other "small" races I would like to do next year. These were just the big ones.

That is if my knees hold out.

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