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Monday, November 1, 2010


It is my new miracle food. And I'm officially head over heels in love.

And I've got to tell you why...

Because yesterday I had an amazing day. And was able to get SO.MUCH.DONE. All due to the product of some bees.

Yesterday was my first day back to work after a wonderful vacation. I awoke at 6am and made a big breakfast of Fall with a drizzle of honey.

I then preceded to work a 9 1/2 hour shift ( which is always draining the first day back from vacation).

Then I ate this at 5:30pm...

It is plain Greek yogurt with a side packet of pure honey. You just open the container and fold the honey side over the yogurt side and mix. Except for the sake of time and the fact that honey moves pretty slow - I just stuck my spoon in and ate it. And then ate the yogurt.

And then I went to the gym.

I completed the entire Body Attack class. At full throttle. High knee runs and all.

At the end of class, I still felt great. So, I completed the next class. Body Pump. I worked out right up until abs. Because I had already done that in the first class and it was getting late.

I got home at 8:30pm.

And had more energy than a bear performing at a Country Jamboree.

So, I showed Kev some workout/dance moves I learned. ( He was thrilled)

I drank a protein drink.

Made a big batch of chicken and dumplings in my Dutch Oven. ( I hope Kev can eat all of it because I'm not helping)

Made sour cream/cheddar biscuits - from scratch.

Made chipotle butter for the biscuits.

Pack two days worth of lunches.

Showed Kev some more dance moves. And challenged him to a basketball game.

Did all the dishes. Some dishwasher. Some hand wash.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Showered. ( Finally)

Did some work. For work.

Watched two recorded tv shows.

Read approximately 36 blogs.

Blogged this story.

All because of some honey.

At least that is what I am giving the credit to. That is really the only thing different in my eating routine. Usually after I complete one gym class, Kev will find me face down in the front yard with a note pinned to my chest that says "Please keep bodies off of your front lawn! It takes away from the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Sincerely, the Gaston beautification committee."

Not to mention that I barely have the energy to cook. Let alone clean. The kitchen or myself.

But then again, I could have just had a lucky day. A day full of random energy. And then I will have to post again to tell you NOT to rush out and get some honey. And NOT to believe all my ramblings.

Not that you ever really take anything on this blog too seriously anyway. :)

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