The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Plan

I've got my plans/goals/resolutions to post for the new year.
And it only took me about a month to put it together.
Sometimes I wish I could be more like Kev and just deal with each day as it comes.  He is consistent and balanced and does everything in moderation.
Except for when it comes to buying plants and trees.

And watching Sci Fi.

And singing karaoke.

(I totally lied about that last one.) 

(But the visual of it just made me laugh out loud.)
But then we would be the exact same person and that just seems... well, boring.
Even though after reading "my plan", you may think that I am anyway.
I will start with assessing last year's resolutions.  I was pretty much 50/50 with successes and opportunities.

1.  I laughed a TON!  Especially while getting together with family for various events. <= which was another goal of mine - to cherish family more and spend more time with them.  Babies and weddings kept us pretty busy last year.

2.  Nutrition - I researched and learned as much as I possibly could.  I have continued to make major changes in our diets and we both feel so much better for it.  In fact, I have enjoyed the whole process so much that if I was eighteen again I would go to school to become a nutritionist.  (With a minor in cooking and boxing, of course.)

3.  Fitness - I finished my half-marathon with a MUCH better time!  I learned ( and loved) new types of fitness.  I even did a handstand in yoga!

4.  Saving Money- I did o.k - but I can do better.


1.  Photography - Clearly, by the pictures on this blog, I have a long way to go.  I took a class, I read a book, I looked at instructions on line.... and I still struggle.  I just can't seem to get the whole light/aperture/shutter speed/flash thing down.  And I pretty much just take pictures on auto.

2.  Fitness - even though there was a lot of success - there is still plenty of opportunity.  Consistency is key.

3.  Mailing cards/letters.  Um. That never happened.  Except for the two thank-you cards that I sent (and do every year) to my Grandmother.  And those are required by law!

4.  Technology - I'm pretty much a lost cause.

So, after analyzing my performance last year and thinking about what I want to focus on this year...

I've pretty much decided to keep the same resolutions but just take them a step further.

That's right, folks.  You have been waiting on the edge of your seats for an entire month and I'm just re-copying most of last year's plan.

You know the saying... "If it ain't broke...."

Here are my resolutions for 2012:


1.  Continue "eating clean".  Organic.  Nutritious.  Unprocessed.  Light on the meat!

2.  Improve strength.  With weightlifting and yoga.

3.  Improve endurance.  With running and boxing and spin.


1.  Set a budget and stick to it!  Our biggest opportunity is still with the groceries - and I am determined to make that bill as little as possible while still eating as healthy as possible.  As you know, eating and celebrating randomness is our most favorite thing to do - so, if I can master saving money while still maximizing the fun then I will be golden.

2.  Organization.  Getting our home in order - room by room.  Recycling.  Donating.  Selling.  Maximizing what we own.


1.  Enjoying family and friends.  Making memories.  Laughing.  Loving. 

2.  Meeting my nephew, Tanner.

3.  Making the most of my (dream) trip to Yellowstone in August!

I will obviously go in to more detail on the blog on specifics and challenges and achievements... but at least we can now all move on now that my goals are in place! :)

It is definitely a weight off my shoulders.

And now begins year FOUR of The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev.........

Thanks so much for reading the craziness that is our lives!!


  1. Everything sounds great! PLEASE let me know when and if Kevin ever does Karaoke!! That would be an entertainment of a lifetime!! Love, mom

  2. I absolutely LOVE ya'll and the craziness that is your lives. I just wish I was as focused and committed (to a cause not institution)as the two of you are! You get so much done and have such a fabulous time doing it that it always makes me want to do it too! Just keep all of us up-to-date on the happenings in your lives so we can vicariously join in the fun. Love you both, Aunt Sandi