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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

A day of love.

For food.

Which is really just like any other day in our household.

February 14th was the last day of my cleanse ( recap to come soon!).  So, therefore, I decided to go over the top for Kev's meal since I wouldn't be eating it anyway.

That meant it involved bacon.  And butter.  And lots and lots of cheese.

Basically, what Paula Deen's dreams are made of.

And Bobby Flay's.  Considering that I got the recipe from him.

I have been making Kev shrimp and grits for years.  Minus the bacon and minus the majority of the butter and cheese.

And he has enjoyed it just fine.

Until he discovered what he was missing.

This recipe made his hair stand on end.

And he may have screamed upon first bite.  It was hard to tell because his mouth was closed....

But the guy who almost NEVER goes back for seconds ( due to his love for eating in moderation - which I find fascinating and impossible), went back for seconds. 

And then proclaimed that it would blow my skirt up.

I made sure to put on pants in case a bite found it's way in to my mouth.

And then just tried to stay focused on my dinner.

My dinner was the anti- shrimp and grits.  Nutritious and healthy and able to be eaten in moderation.
It was a large plate of mixed greens + roasted asparagus + Endurance crackers + Tabouleh.

It was awesome, though.  As usual.

For Kev's dessert, I surprised him with something new.  Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

I took the easy way out and just bought a cake mix. 
I had never made them before and didn't want to waste a lot of time and ingredients if they didn't turn out.  PLUS Duncan Hines is always a winner.
A Christmas gift card helped me to purchase the whoopie pie pan from Michael's.
These treats were really so easy to make - especially since I went with a box mix.

And had the help of my awesome frosting squirter from Pampered Chef.

The only thing that could have made these treats more fun to eat would have been if I had put them on a stick.

Because we all know how much Kev loves eating things off of a stick.

These are the perfect ratio ( for Kev) of cake and frosting.  And can be made in any flavor that I would make cupcakes in.

I think I chose a winner!

Just like when I chose Kev to be my Valentine.  Awww.

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  1. All I have to say is - "Yummy"!! Love, mom