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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Awesome Avocado

It is Sunday night and I am currently in the middle of a(nother) celebration that will pretty much ensure that you start to question my sanity.

Don't worry.  I will definitely be telling you all about it. 

Just not tonight. 

Mainly because I only have thirty minutes before the next portion of the evening begins and I have an ENTIRE weekend worth of adventures to blog about.

Starting with Thursday.  The day that I deemed the start of my weekend due to a bonding moment between my niece, an egg, an avocado and me.

The quadruple threat of awesomeness.

This is the picture that I woke up to...
A picture that Laura named "Avocado Face".

Something that I wish that I had every single day.

Despite the absolute cuteness, it immediately gave me major cravings for fresh avocado - which luckily I just happened to have.

Gotta love "buy one get one free" deals at Publix.

I didn't want to mix it with my usual guacamole mix-ins - I wanted to eat it fresh out of the skin - just like Caroline.

Kind of like eating breakfast with her even though she is a million miles away.

This is what I came up with...
Smashed avocado on Ezekiel bread with two over easy eggs on top.

Things happened in my kitchen that day.  Absolute taste explosions times fifty.

It was incredible!! 

I texted Kev to tell him my new found love - to which he responded "all you ever do is talk about eggs".

And then he changed his phone number and moved out in to the back yard.

I can't help it.  Two of my favorite foods have come together for the first time in my life.

And there is no going back.

Other than that, I worked out six days last week!  SIX!

Something about getting to put a star on my calendar once I complete a workout has surprisingly re motivated me.

Except it is not really all that surprising.  Stars have always helped me achieve goals.  From potty training to brushing my teeth to sleeping in the bed all night.

(Unfortunately, some of the above "star earning" reasons have been recent.)

And yes, my calendar is pretty much used for planning what Kev is going to eat for lunch and dinner + my schedule at work + my work out schedule.

I live a pretty intense life, folks. 

And with that... I am out of time.  I guess you will just have to wait for details of the rest of the weekend.

Off to celebrate!

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