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Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Hundred

It was my workout of choice for the day.

A workout that my body was in desperate need of.

It has been driving me absolutely crazy that I cannot seem to get back in to a good routine.  I start the week with great intentions and then seem to come up with an excuse every day...

Weather, fatigue, working late, fatigue, the gym is too crowded, and the most common.... It's too cold to get out of bed so I should just go back to sleep.

But I rallied myself today.  I ALWAYS feel better after a workout and I just kept telling myself that as I set up my make shift gym.

I decided to go with the "One Hundred Workout".

And luckily, we have just about every thing that I need to perform every part of it at home!

I even embraced the 60 degree weather ( My sis had to embrace negative 43 today!!!) and did most of the workout outside.

100 jumping jacks is the PERFECT way to warm a person up!

My "gym" consisted of a mat, an exercise ball ( for crunches), boxing gloves, a jump rope, a punching bag, and our back yard "track".

And, of course, good music!! My Ipod is the most important piece of equipment!

After the jacks I did:

90 crunches ( with multiple rest breaks!  OW!)
80 walking lunges across the back yard
70 leg lifts ( to work my lower abs)
60 jacks
50 crunches
40 walking lunges
30 leg lifts
20 jacks
and 10 minutes of boxing the heck out of the bag.

I also ran one random lap around my back yard and ran to and from the garage when necessary.

It was bananas.

What was Kev doing during this crazy display of workout insanity?

He was picking up pine cones and blowing the drive way and cleaning the pool and every other ridiculous chore that takes up the majority of his day off.

At least he had some entertainment.

And other than the fact that it hurts to laugh right now ( holy abs!), it was really a lot of fun and a great way to get re-motivated.

I WILL stick to the program this week!  I'm not going to give myself an option.  :)

I continued to brave the outdoors for my lunch.  I figured that I was already so hot and sweaty that the "cold" wouldn't bother me.  ( It kills me that I've become so cold natured!)

But I was wrong.  I was literally shivering about half way through my lunch.

So annoying.  Especially to my Alaskan sister.

Cleaning and unboxing and organizing and taking the trash filled the rest of my day.

Dinner was stuffed peppers.  And the one on the left might possibly be the biggest one I've ever seen.

I filled Kev's with brown rice, ground beef, cheddar cheese, corn, jalapeno, onion, and green onions.

Mine was all of the above MINUS the beef and cheese.

Baked at 375 for 40 minutes.

They were o.k. by themselves but better with hot sauce poured all over them.  And I realized that I forgot to put black beans in mine - so, I through in some leftover edamame for protein.

By the way, I'm loving our grocery bill this month!  When only one person is eating meat and dairy, $$ stays in the bank.

Here's to another successful week of the cleanse!  Today started my third week.

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  1. Holy Workout City!! And I thought that I was doing good working out to one excersice CD (45 mins.) and 30 minutes on the bicycle!! I guess that I will never be able to match your routine! I did get a lot of fresh air and excercise on Saturday, though, taking the grandkids to the zoo in 70 degree weather! YAY! It is amazing how much energy you expend pushing a stroller for 3 hours!! Love, mom