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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Super Day

This is what I came home to today after I got off of work....
 Doors wide open!

It was such a gorgeous day!

It made all of the chores so much easier to do.

Kev must have read my earlier post about the eyesore in our sunroom....  Otherwise known as the old treadmill....because he moved it out in to the garage.  The move prompted a good cleaning of the space along with rearranging of furniture.

All completed with a refreshing breeze blowing in and out of the room.

After chores, I rewarded myself with a  run on my new toy.

Reasons why I love running at home:

1.  Complimentary towel service - delivered in the nick of time by Kev.
2.  Big screen t.v. blaring The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
3.  Singing and talking out loud ( to the t.v.) without a care in the world.
4.  Jumping in the shower within minutes of finishing my run.

Actually, #4 is Kev's reason.  I could go all day and night without a shower. 

Especially since I had already taken one before I left for work.

Work done.  Chores done.  Exercise done.  Shower done.

 Then it was time to PARTY!!

I started with the appetizers.

Onion dip for me:

 I just sliced half of a red onion and sauteed it in some oil for about 15 minutes.
 And then mixed the caramelized goodness with 1 1/2 cups of plain Greek yogurt.
 And a cheeseball + crackers for Kev:

 Served on a platter in front of the t.v because we are fancy like that.

My crackers were made completely of seeds!! And they were delish!  I will post the recipe soon.

The main course for Kev:
 Ham sliders + Pepperoni roll ups.   Both recipes from one of my favorite blogs.

I made the ham sliders with Havarti instead of Swiss.  And I made the pepperoni rolls ups with pepper jack string cheese instead of mozzarella.

( Ham sliders will always remind me of a fun(ny) night spent with my brand new ( at the time) sister-in-law, Laura.  There is never a dull moment when hanging out with us.  Unless it is after 10pm and then we get pretty boring.)

Served with salt and pepper chips:
 Kev said it was excellent!

And a delicious combination of food.

And that he is so full that he is about to pop.

I had a boring but yummy sweet potato.  Then I checked my calendar again to see when this cleanse is over.

Kev's dessert is going to be freshly baked cookies...

Oatmeal + chocolate chips + peanut butter chips + sea salt.

A recreation of a recipe that we saw on a cooking show last weekend.

Except for his dessert might turn in to his breakfast based on his continuous comments on how full he is.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. How lucky you are to have such a gorgeous day - ours have all been rainy and gloomy lately. Exercising at home is always the BEST!! The dinner lookds delish and those cookies look FAB :-) Love, Aunt Sandi