The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Tripod

I was able to perform my tripod tonight in a room full of people.

A room PACKED full of people.

People that had shown up for the 6pm yoga class at Gold's.

I had never been to that class - as I have decided that I prefer hot yoga ( not taught at Gold's), but due to the fact that the gym is still insanely crowded and there was no way I would make it to spin in time, I chose the next best thing.

Plus, I was in desperate need of a really good stretch.

Upon first glance in the room, I knew there was no way that I would make it in.  But then the instructor had some people move their mats around ( which I'm sure made them so very happy) and motioned for us ( quite a group had gathered at the door) to come in.

Let's just say that I smelled feet the ENTIRE class.  Mainly because that is how close my face was to the person in front of me.

I can only imagine what the person behind me was thinking. ( or smelling!)

Anyway, it was tough.  And even though the instruction was great - I realized how much Yoga Masala has spoiled me and that trying to take at Gold's is probably not the best thing for me.

Especially since my favorite part at the end ( meditation)  was spoiled by the thud of heavy weights being dropped on the floor above me.

But back to the tripod...

I felt pretty special when the class was instructed to get in to a head stand or a tripod - depending on our skill level - and I was able to get in to the tripod immediately.

( Lots of people were doing the head stand!  In such a crowded space! Very impressive! I've officially added the unassisted head stand to my resolutions.)

While in position, I remembered that my sweet 5 month old nephew, Tanner, had requested a picture of me performing my talent.

And what Tanner wants... Tanner gets! :)

The funny thing is that Kev never bats an eye at my shenanigans and requests.

"Sure!", he says when I asked him to photograph my trick.

Never a dull moment around here.

I have now worked out four days in a row.  And I'm feeling great!

My true test to see if  I am back on track will be if I can complete my 5K race this weekend without walking. 

But then again, even if I do it will be more than I was doing a month ago.


  1. Yay for Kim!! I can attest that you can do a tripod, and have been doing so for many, many years. This true statement is unlike the legend that my husband was eating with a fork at 4 months! HA! Good luck on your 5K!! Love, mom

  2. So jealous!! Your tripod looks amazing!!:) missed ya this Mornin at yoga masala!! Rebecca a.

  3. I was so excited to see the title of your post, and especially excited to see your photos. Thanks for sharing! It brought back memories of late nights at the beach house.

  4. Such an amazing talent - I'm glad Tanner can finally see a photo of this stupendous performance!! Like Angela, it brings back such fond memories of the beach! I will be thinking of you during your 5K - but I know everything will go fabulously well!! Love, Aunt Sandi