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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Surprises!

Leave it to Kev to make an uneventful Saturday eventful.

He always knows how to get me when I least expect it!

Introducing... Our new roommate!

Now I can run at home!

My favorite way to run at the gym is in the theater room.  I love the dark.  I love watching a movie.  I love the gym's treadmills.

I have been blabbering about it for almost two years.

We did have a treadmill at home.  But it was created in 1776.  It was one of the first big items we purchased when we were newly married.  We got it from Service Merchandise ( any one remember that place?) and the poor guy trying to sell it to us almost broke his neck showing us how it worked.  The speed had been left on the highest setting ( it just had a dial that you turned - which I'm sure was super high tech for the 90's) and he was standing on it when he put the key in. 

I've never seen legs move so fast!  Kind of like Fred Flinstone's - except for this guy was NOT trying to drive a car.

It was pretty funny - after we made sure the guy was o.k.  It was totally something that I would have done.

Anyway, the treadmill served us well.  Until I discovered the running heaven that is the professional grade treadmills.  Wide + long track.  Smooth  belt.  Settings other than a dial to challenge you and test your skills.

There was just no going back. 

Kev continued to run on it, though.  Because he didn't know any better.

Until he ran the belt thin and it started to rip.

And then our treadmill hamster ( the creature that kept the motor running - because it was built before real motors were created) decided to retire.

So, Kev folded it up and stuck it in the corner of the sun room.  And I've been giving it the stink eye for months.

Then last week Kev asked me my work schedule for the weekend.  And seemed thrilled that I was closing on Saturday.

That is when I knew that something must be up. ( Because who wouldn't want me around on a Saturday night... running my mouth non stop while they were trying to watch television and relax??)

He surprised me last night over dinner.  He told me something was being delivered between 10pm and noon and I had to guess what it was.

I guessed workout equipment or furniture - to which he responded.... "Well, sometimes you use it as furniture!"

And that's when I knew it was a treadmill. ( I am guilty of using our old treadmill as a closet from time to time.)

Fortunately, I had on flip flops.  Because I can only jump so high when I'm wearing them.

If I had been wearing tennis shoes, my head would probably still be stuck in the ceiling.

I was SO excited!

The guys that delivered it were awesome.  They not only lugged it up in to the weight room, but they put it together and took the time to show me how it worked. 

The second that they left, I had my boots off and my tennis shoes on and was stepping on for a run.  A run that only lasted five minutes because that is about how long it took me to start to sweat.  And I had to be at work in an hour.

Kev said that he got on it the minute that he walked in the door.  And stayed on it for 50 minutes. 

We are so weird.

Our home gym is almost complete.  Now, if only I could find an awesome yoga instructor that made house calls. 

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