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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lots Of Catching Up To Do

This past week and a half has been INSANE.

But pretty awesome... if I do say so myself.

I just re-read my last post just to get an idea of where I left off.  It was about IKEA.  It seems like ages ago that we actually went there.

In fact, if it weren't for this blog... I wouldn't even remember it at all.

Except for the issue that I have eleventy billion dressers throughout my house that require attention.

We (mainly Kev) spent a WEEK getting the furniture put together and placed correctly.  And that doesn't even take in to consideration the time it took for us to start our closet reorganization process.

As far as this past week....

It was spent doing things like this.....

Carving pumpkins...
Tossing pizza dough....
Celebrating birthdays.....
And attending the ULTIMATE beach wedding!
Which involved lots of cake eating....

I haven't been to the gym in nine days.

I haven't cooked a proper meal or planned my dinners for November.

I haven't started prepping and planning for the holidays.

I haven't seen the premiere of Top Chef: Texas.

But what I HAVE done is so much better!

I've laughed harder in this past week than I have all year.

I've been able to soak up as much family that my heart will allow.  ( It is over flowing!)

I've eaten four different kinds of cake in one afternoon.

I've done unimaginable things with pinestraw < === which should take the place of going to the gym.

I've had an incredible week!

And now I just need to get you all updated....

As soon as I finish my nap.

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