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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Fall Festival For Mom

I just LOVE "falling back".  That extra hour makes all the difference in the world. 
Especially after such a crazy week.

A crazy but wonderful week!
It all started last Sunday, October 30th......

When my sister, Shannon and her family hosted the First Annual Fall Festival in honor of my Mom's birthday!

We ( me and Kev) were recovering from a frantic late night that involved lots of cooking (me), furniture building (Kev), sighing and being grumpy (me),  furniture moving (me and Kev), high fives and cheering (Kev) and laundry (mainly me - but Kev had to jump in when I messed up the washing machine... and then he stopped cheering).

But our late night was worth it.... because hanging out with my family at the festival was fantastic.

The evening started off with a hay ride ( which may or may not have been scary depending on who you ask) and a pumpkin carving contest.

I was really hoping to be able to bob for apples as I'm pretty sure I hold the world record for the most apples caught with my teeth (37) while holding my breath.

My teeth are wicked strong and big.

It is a Switzer trademark.

But there is something about being married to a germaphobe and the fact that the whole idea is pretty unsanitary that resulted in the apple activity being nixed.

Oh well, I can always do it by myself at home.

The winning pumpkin....
Mickey Mouse.

Any guesses on who carved it?

Bethany and Teddy were both on vacation and decided to spend their week off with us in South Carolina.

It was great having Bethany home for my Mom's birthday!

And now for all the pumpkins....

I had to get a picture with the cutest one....
Our meal consisted of Randy's famous turkey stew.  I suplemented the meal with cornbread and autumn mac n cheese. 

The stew was fabulous - and the perfect meal for a chilly Fall evening.

And then we had dessert....
S'mores!  and a cookie cake! 

I'm not necessarily a s'mores fan... but I LOVE me some burnt marshmallows.  The more burned the better.  And my marshmallow "burner", Austin, did a great job making sure I got my wish.

As for the cookie cake ( I hate that I didn't get a picture)... it was out of this world!  Better than one from The Great American Cookie Company.  Bethany made it and even frosted it to look like a store bought one.

The cookie cake marked the start of my ridiculous sugar infested week.

An infestation that I don't regret.  Not one single bit.

The party people... ( minus my Dad and  me.. we were the photographers)
The Birthday Girl....

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday ( a day late) with you!!

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  1. That was really a fun birthday!! If you are born near Halloween, all the autumn fun just has to be included: hayride, pumpkin carving, and s'mores! The best part of all was spending it with family! Love, mom