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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Food is in the oven, Top Chef is on, and tradition is being followed...

Because the kids are over!

Except for they are not "kids" anymore.  They are almost 16 and 18.  And I cannot believe that actually agreed to follow my directions for that picture!

I guess the "cool Aunt" still has some special power over the teenagers.

Go figure.

They have been staying with us on Thanksgiving Eve for as long as I can remember. 

It all started when Kev's cousins started having kids and we felt compelled to not show up to holidays empty handed.

Enter my niece and nephew.  Our perfect companions.  We got attention for them.  They got attention because they were cute. 

And all was right with the world.

In fact, they pretty much became part of the family.  And are now specially requested every year.

They always come out on Wednesday night.  They play video games, watch movies, and every once in a while ( not much at all) check in on me in the kitchen to see if they can help.

I tried my best to teach Ashlynn some cooking skills one year.  But after watching ( in horror) as she placed a TEASPOON on the counter and then preceded to try and POUR flour in to it... I decided she was best suited for entertainment.

So, while they were watching movies at an unspeakable volume... I was doing my favorite thing..


My favorite cookbook of all time:

 Perfect for a couple of Thanksgiving side dishes.

Like her Macaroni and Cheese...
 Or more like tons of cheese plus a couple of noodles.

I made Pioneer Woman's famous potatoes yesterday.  They can be made up to two days ahead and then baked 30 minutes before serving. 

I'm doing my best this year to keep it simple.  To not be rushed.  To savor every last minute of my favorite holiday.

So far.  So good.

I also made a sugar free turtle pumpkin pie.
I made it last year and it is so yummy and not at all heavy like most desserts.

And most importantly... EASY.

I will post the recipe tomorrow. 

Along with a new recipe that I will be making in the morning.

And now I am off to enjoy my family....

Happy Thanksgiving!

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