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Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Weekend

1.  Kev built our first fireplace fire of the year.....

 Which is funny because it ended up being a high of 72 degrees today.

But we got to try out our new "fireplace backer heat projection thingie" that was apparently made in 1772.  And it worked pretty fantastically. 

2.  We also got to eat our dinner by the fire.  A rare treat in our house since food USUALLY gets spilled (by me) - which makes it best to always eat in the kitchen.

 3.  Obviously, we ate on our prized Gamecock tv tray tables. 

Winning is good.

4.  I've been (obsessively) trying out new Thanksgiving recipes.  Roasted green beans with caramelized shallots was my most recent test.

It definitely made my list of a side dish I would like to celebrate with!

5.  I have been a horrible runner lately.  Actually, a horrible "anything to do with fitness" person.  It seems that not having a goal ( ie; half marathon) has caused me to slack off.  That and the fact that my foot and knee have really been bothering me. 

With the exception of some spin classes.... my fitness routine has consisted of walking to and from the parking lot at work. 

That does not make me very happy.

So, I FORCED myself to run on Saturday.

It wasn't pretty.  I WILL be back on track as of tomorrow.  I NEED fitness in my life!

6.  I am currently roasting these vegetables.....
 Cauliflower, poblano peppers, green peppers, onion, sweet potatoes, and corn.

I'm making stacked vegetable enchiladas for dinner.


7.  I still need to tell you all about the AMAZING wedding I attended a week ago. 

 I am overwhelmed by the details and awesomeness that took place.  Not to mention the amount of pictures that I need to sort through.  It is so hard to decide what pictures to post - when I love them all.

9.  I am in LOVE with this drink...
Like head over heels in love.  It is coconut flavored La Croix!  I read about this on several blogs months ago... and it has finally reached Columbia.

It is like drinking a coconut cake with happiness on top.

Be prepared to see it a LOT in my future.

10.  I can't believe it is already November 13th.

17 days until my ROAD TRIP to Trader Joe's!!

Multiple ice chests will be needed.

And winning the lottery would probably help me out a little, too.

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