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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Wedding

Ok.  I've got a lot to say.  And I've got more pictures than I have ever posted in one sitting before.  But that is because this wedding was awesome.  And beautiful.  And incredibly fun.

I have been trying to figure out how to best tell this story... because the love and detail that went in to this day truly blew my mind and I wanted to do it justice. 

So, I decided to list ( because you know how much I love them) out the things that I loved about it and let my cousin Angela give you all of the behind the scenes, before and afters, and break down of the event.

You can read about the wedding here, here, here, and here.

There is SO much talent and creativity in that family!  It blows my mind!!

And now for all of the things that I LOVED about it (drum roll, please...)


It is amazing to me how an already gorgeous beach house can be completely transformed in to such a beautiful wedding venue.  I felt like I was walking in to a fairy tale... and not the underneath of the house where there are usually cars parked. 

The breeze off of the ocean kept all of the white shears blowing just enough to make it magical.

And the colors.... Perfect for a wedding by the sea.

This was the wedding program...

And this was the back of it!!  A word search!! So clever and cute.  The programs came with a tiny white pencil inside to give the guests something to do while they were waiting.

There were hand painted ( by Carrie!) things all around the house to give it that extra character.

Loved the feet washing station...Especially with the bride and groom rubber ducks!
Angela took their engagement photos and they turned out beautiful!  They really captured the love that Carrie and Lorenzo have for each other.  They were set up all around the house and were so much fun to walk around and look at.
C + L in shells!


My Mom and Aunt Ernestine! 

Ernestine and my Uncle David live in Texas.  We hardly ever get to see them.  It was SUCH a treat to have them there.

My family... ( the ones that could make it).  My Mom loves this picture of us. 

And all I've got to say about it is:  "Can my posture get any worse?"  or "Kim, do you have any idea what stand up straight means?".  Goodness gracious... I look like I should be ringing a church bell.

Ok.  You know that the food is ALWAYS my favorite.  You know I LOVE to eat it.  But I also like to look at it.  In a beautiful setting. 

The drinks were lemonade, tea, water, and a SPECIAL signature drink ( that was blue!) that was so yummy!!
The appetizers... different cheeses, a dill dip ( YUM!) fruit, veggies, and chocolate!

And then the hibachi!  Oh my goodness.  LOVED THIS!  I had already filled up on the appetizers and signature drink when this part was served but I made room.  It was skewers of chicken, steak, shrimp, and grilled veggies.  All served with a delicious vegetable fried rice. 

And I didn't even get pictures of the appetizers that were being served on trays by the caterers...

There was bacon wrapped shrimp!  And a meatball wrapped in a noodle!!! <---- SO CLEVER!!

All I can say about the food is WOW!  WOW!  and WOW! 

It was Kev's food paradise.. and he wasn't even able to attend. 

I made sure to call him though and tell them that there was so much meat and it was all on sticks.. and then I listened to him cry for 15 minutes as I told him how delicious it all was.


So, this was totally new to me.  And I was mesmerized by it!! This artist was hired to come out and paint Carrie and Lorenzo in their wedding setting.

She started on the beach with just the background and a sketch of the awesome couple.

Once the ceremony was over and we were walking back up to the house... She had completed the painting of the couple....

Then she continued to paint them and add details throughout the reception ( she brought the canvas up to the house and painted out by the pool)

After Carrie and Lorenzo left for their honeymoon... this is what was presented....
Complete with the bible verse of their choice!

I couldn't get over this.  And I think I called every one in the beach house phone book to tell them about it. 

Awesome idea!


Steel drums.  Very tropical.  I completely forgot I was still in South Carolina.


My Aunt Laurie ( Mother of the Bride) and her boyfriend John <---- LOVE THEM!
Of course... the BRIDE AND GROOM!!!!! ( Have I told you how GORGEOUS and GLOWING Carrie looked??  Because she did!!  WOW!)

This was my first time meeting Lorenzo.. and he was everything that I imagined he would be!  So full of life, and kind, and thoughtful, and just the perfect match for my sweet cousin!  I couldn't be happier for them.  And it was truly an honor to be able to watch them get married!!  My heart was SO full that day!!

And I love this picture of my Uncle David and Aunt Ernestine....
I was trying to zoom in on the bride and groom... but ended up capturing this moment of love between the two of them... watching their niece get married.

They have been married a million years... so, seeing them still so in love is beautiful!!

And now.. presenting Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Wilson!!
Their first dance was around the pool... ( so worried that someone was going to end up in it - haha).

And the happy family looking on ....

Beautiful, beautiful cake!!  Again.. no detail was left undone!! I took this picture right after the top tier was removed... but was still able to capture it's awesomeness!

And it wasn't just your regular ol' wedding cake, either... It was carrot cake, red velvet, and chocolate!!!

What the heck!!  It was my dream cake... multiple flavors to choose from.  Except for I chose ALL THREE!!

Sending them on their way to their tropical cruise... and the next step in their lives!!

I don't even feel like I did this wedding justice... as it was just so breathtaking and perfect!! 

I'm SO happy for them!! And wish them ALL THE BEST in their marriage!!

And now I am just patiently waiting for the Little Women ( my Aunt Laurie and Cousins Angela and Carrie) to start their own party business.... With the three of them behind the scenes, the sky is the limit on what they could do!

Congrats Carrie and Lorenzo!! I LOVED spending this special day with you!!


  1. Kim, I am so honored to be on one of your blogs! I have made it big time! I loved having you and the family at our wedding to help make it so special! I think you did the wedding justice with your post, I think it was pretty awesome also! Thanks so much! Love, Carrie Wilson

  2. This was one of the best days...ever! Great post Kim! Thanks for taking so many pictures, and sharing them with us. It was great seeing you too. Love ya!