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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Halloween

Yes, I said LAST Halloween.  Because it has almost been two weeks since we celebrated it which seems like a year ago.

I swear... I know I keep saying it... but what the heck is going on with time?

I feel like it is flying faster than ever before.

Which could be the reason that my hair ALWAYS looks like it is in the windblown state.

Today is the day that I get my act together.  Today is the day that I get back to a routine.  Today is the day that I menu plan for the rest of the year ( only 51 days left!).  Today is the day that I actually get my laundry put away.

At least that is what I keep saying to myself as I am sitting here on the couch staring in to oblivion - overwhelmed by my to-do list.

I need to find a Groupon for a life/organizational/home chore motivator/coach. 


About Halloween...

I didn't decorate this year.  I didn't dress up.  I didn't carve a pumpkin.

I'm telling you... it has been busy!

BUT... we did have a special dinner in honor of three things.. Halloween, our FIVE year houseiversary, and Teddy's birthday.

Our menu for the celebration was GRILLED PIZZA!

Made by none other than the fabulous pizza man, Kev.

He is not only talented in the dough throwing department... but fun to watch, as well.

(Wow.  When did my kitchen become SO cluttered!?)

Between taking pictures and telling jokes... I managed to put up my one and only decoration on the sunroom door.
And then eagerly waited for some trick-or-treaters.

We only had one.  And they went to the wrong door.  By the time I realized it and ran around to where they were... they were back in the car and pulling out of the driveway.

I will forever be known as the Halloween scrooge on my street.

Even though I am usually the ONLY one that gives out candy.

I guess the "country" is not necessarily known for being a great trick-or-treating spot.

The pizzas....
Pepperoni, Greek, Tomato + Basil, BBQ chicken.

The Birthday Boy.  In disguise.

It was a super fun night.  Great company.  LOTS of laughter.  A little bit of obnoxiousness.

And the perfect way to wrap up the month of October.

Now.. if I could just get a handle on November so I can sit back and enjoy it a little more...

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