The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

A photographer.

A photographer that can capture so much happiness and such amazing moments as Ashley Brokop did for Laura and Dave.

I can look at the pictures and FEEL the happiness.

How talented is that?

I'm adding "become a photographer" to my bucket list.

And now... if you would like to check out a preview of the wedding pics...

Go to:

And enjoy yourself.

( there are two groupings of pictures. Scroll through the prom pics in the middle to get to the next set)

(and I am giving you a challenge. To play "Where's Waldo. With Kev. So, technically it is "Where's Kev". See how many times you can find him popping up in random pictures. It is his specialty.)

And another thing I am adding to my bucket list...

Have a professional photography session with Kev. And have Ashley take the pics.

How cool would it be to have pictures that capture our love for each other. That capture our happiness.

I mentioned it to Kev.

And he reminded me of this....

And I cringed.

And then had to apologize. You see - these were our engagement pictures taken in 1994. At Glamour Shots.

And I think just for the fact that Kev allowed this to be done shows his love for me - even if the pictures show lots of faux leather and Lee press on nails.

And excessive hair.

How will I ever convince him that he should go through this process again. Even if it would be about who we are now. And show our true personalities.

And not the biker babes ( ??) we were back then.

And then... just because I'm open and honest and not afraid to let you in my life... I will show you another.

Because we also posed - BACK TO BACK...


It sure was glorious! And entangled in a massive heap. I'm surprised we could hold our heads up.

And last night ended with the Kev asking... " Tell me again why I had to do that?"

I've ruined him from all pictures going forward....


  1. LOVE THOSE PHOTOS! How great!! You should share those with Ashley...she might volunteer to take some of the two of you for free since Glamour Shots ruined him!

  2. Stop it!!! I am about to pee in my pants...I have not even finished reading this yet!!! HAHAHA!!!