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Monday, May 31, 2010


I will be LOST without it.

One of my FAVORITE shows of all times.

I realize that I throw the word "favorite" around too easily. I usually declare that something is my favorite every day. Whether it be with food, clothes, rooms in the house, day to take a shower, places to buy groceries... etc.

But this was REALLY one of my favorites...

Actually, one of OUR favorites. We looked forward to it every week. We celebrated the beginning of the season with a party. We celebrated the end of the season with a party. We researched story lines and hidden meanings. We stayed up late in to the night discussing "what ifs".

Well, actually I would always stay up late in to the night. Staring at a sleeping Kev - hoping he would wake up to listen to my theories.

He never did. He thinks sleep is important.

But most of all... we felt connected to the characters. We discussed them as if they were friends. We felt their pain and stress. And mourned the loss of them.

We LOVED this show so much. And we were sad to see it end. Especially because we still have SOOO many unanswered questions. I was hoping to get a little more out of it. To give my brain a rest. But that is what makes the writers good at what they do. They always keep you guessing.

The good thing is that we spent our last night watching LOST in style. And threw an incredible party.

For just the two of us.

It started when I arrived in my special island attire....

Notice the big yellow flower in my hair. It is freshly picked ( from my closet). And my hair was wet because I just got out of the ocean ( shower).

I put this outfit on at the last minute. On a whim. And then decided it to be so festive that we needed to dress up as characters.

( and yes, I happened to have this in my closet because you never know when we are going to throw an island party - and I have to be prepared)

And we needed to document our costumes. With a photo shoot.

And so we did....

Kev is dressed as Sawyer. Forever topless with jeans on. I decided to be Kate ( #1 because I look just like her and #2 because I just wanted to)

( And for the record. This was the most festive outfit that Kev had as I forced him to throw out all of his Hawaiian shirts when our closets merged in 1995. What teenager wears Hawaiian shirts? In the 80's and early 90's?? Apparently Kev did. And now I regret my forceful nature as those shirts would be coming in handy right about now)

Then we hid amongst our palm tree and fruit tree....

We are so serious about this. And not laughing at all.
And I have to say that we look pretty cool. And LOST - like.
A day in the life of us can some times be TOO MUCH FUN.
(and just in case you were wondering..... our pics were taken by our featherless crew that lives next door)
But the party doesn't technically start until the food arrives....
Kev made grilled vege kebabs....

And grilled chicken and pineapple....

And I made a citrus pound cake with fresh whipped cream ( we put the grilled pineapple on top of the cake).....

Just like they ate on the island.
If they had a grill. And an oven.
Oh.. and I just realized that I forgot about getting a picture of the pina coladas and crab dip. That was our appetizer.
We spread the meal out over the 4 1/2 hour finale.
We laughed and we cried. And I cried. And then I cried some more. And I think that my heart broke about eleventy thousand times.
But other than that.... it was SUCH a fun evening. And a great way to bring closure to our watching of LOST.
And for those of you who think we need to get a hobby.... Our hobbies include cooking, grilling, throwing parties, picture taking, playing in our backyard, spending time with each other... and watching TV.
It was a PERFECT day!
Except that LOST is over.

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