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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rehearsal Dinner

Look at these sweet faces....

With no clue that they are going to end up together like this.....

Friday, April 9th 7PM. The Rehearsal Dinner. Grecian Gardens.

So far this week was turning out to be a food extravaganza for me. I've decided to rename it the Low Country Food and Wine Festival. Except for we are not actually "low country" but it sounds like something I would love to take part in.

Grecian Gardens = GREEK FOOD. Yes, Please! Mama loves her some feta cheese, greek potatoes, and olives.

And by "mama" - I mean ME. Not my Mother.. even though I know she loves the stuff too. I like to refer to myself some times as "mama". And say things like "mama like" to get my point across. Kev always knows what it means. He is in tune with me like that.

( I'm also hoping it confuses him and results in me getting a Mother's Day gift)

( But that's not what this post is about)

So, after the luncheon we headed over to the rehearsal dinner spot to decorate. And even though my sister Shannon and my Mom thinks it took us " an hour and a half" to get there - which is not true - we got there in a timely manner. It just so happened that most of the decorating was done. And it is not our fault that they decorate SO fast.

We were able to help a little though - not to mention the entertainment that we put on to keep my Mom calm and laughing. Let's just say that I performed a couple of moves across the restaurant floor that I wouldn't want MOST people to see.

And the people that saw them probably wish that they didn't.

The room looked great. Our job was done. And we headed home to wait for the dinner to begin.

( I can't tell you enough how nice it was to have breaks in between events - I can't imagine how Dave, Laura, and friends made it through the weekend on NO sleep and constant activities.

Oh - maybe because they are much younger than me.

Anyway, they arrived at 7PM - to a paparazzi of picture taking....

The hosts...

And then the guests started to arrive....

The commoners....

And the royalty....

I kept pounding on the table and shouting "change our curfew". But the royalty didn't want to give me the time of day.

They were fun to watch, though.

I don't think I have EVER gotten to sit at the royalty table. Or the adults table for that matter. I'm usually pushed aside with the other obnoxious guests (children) and asked to "put a sock in it"

Maybe if I was given a chance to act as an adult - I would.

But probably not. I'm just being honest here.

The dinner was incredible. I love that place.

But then the show was even better.

We got to listen to FOUR amazing speeches. And I'm sure as a surprise to you - I managed to keep myself together. I had been crying and weepy all week - and once my Dad got up to speak- I thought it was all over. Kev had even prepared to rush me out the back door just like you would do with a rowdy baby in church.

But leave it to Dad to make me laugh. It was like a cry-laugh because I was full of happiness. For my incredible brother and my new sister and our families.

And then Rebecca - maid of honor- with the long luxurious brown hair and the gorgeous smile ( sorry - again no pics - you are just going to have to trust me) gave a speech and put on a slide show of Dave and Laura over the years.

IT WAS AWESOME! I just loved it! She really captured some great memories which caused me to laugh, scream ( wow - was I ever awkward) and clap. And maybe shout a couple of "Woo-Hoos" It was so much fun!

And then we called it a night! Tomorrow was the BIG day!! And I was TOO excited to sleep!

Oh - and to end on a funny note. In case you have ever questioned where my sense of humor came from. Here is proof....

Yes. My Dad has a straw sticking out of his ear while we are eating dinner. And yes he looks like he has no idea where he is - that's actually normal. And check out my Mom - she is saying " I have given up - there is nothing I can do about him"

Thanks for a GREAT night - Mom and Dad!!

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