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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Earth Day?

Well that's what I'm going to call it.

Because I missed the actual Earth Day. It must have been all the working. Or cooking. Or sleeping.

Even though it is common knowledge that I don't sleep much.

Regardless. My plan was to plant some things in honor of Earth Day. Even though I don't plant. Which meant I would need Kev. And the likelihood of us meeting in the yard.... In the daylight... is slim to none. So the fact that I was FORCED to have my wisdom teeth removed worked in our favor. Because we actually had a day off together.

And we decided to spend this "once in a lifetime" day off together doing yard work.

Except for I should explain that Kev did all the yard work. While I sweated. Profusely. And pointed to where I wanted the flowers planted.

It's important. Planting flowers that is. Flowers bring a yard to life. Bring a home to life. Bring a girl to life.

And these were no ordinary flowers. They were "Love in a Mist" flower seeds. Given to us by this beautiful lady.....

Meet Cindy. Laura's incredible Mom. She can do anything and everything. And she proved that when she made these....

It is an origami envelope. HAND STAMPED with a bird ( theme of wedding) in purple ( color of wedding - which also happens to be Prince's favorite color of which Laura probably sings his songs on some fandangled karaoke machine to groups of strangers - I'm just sayin'. Prince seems to show up in most aspects of life- for instance ...I'm constantly partying like it is 1999.)
Anyway - I do not think you realize the TIME and the DETAIL that went in to these wedding favors.
Inside the packet was a printed card that gave the planting instructions. And an envelope full of the seeds.
It was all tied together with a thin white ribbon.

She made hundreds of these. HUNDREDS. Such love and dedication. And patience.
( Patience = Not Me. Which means I would have attempted to make one. Then given up. Put all of the seeds in a huge bucket with a sign that says "take a handful and don't make a mess". And then would have baked a dozen cupcakes to make myself feel better. I'm better at baking than crafts - you know.)
The point I'm trying to make besides the fact that Cindy is AWESOME is that these seeds are precious. And deserve a proper planting. And hopefully Kev will take care of them because as I'm writing this - I realize that I have no idea where the seeds are planted. I'm just waiting for the final results.
So, Kev packed up his planting gear plus the flowers that the next door neighbor brought over and we headed out in to the fields...
That is my special watering can that Kev bought me. Because I HAD to have it. I would probably use it more if it had my monogram painted on the side. And maybe a pink polka dotted bow on the handle.
Kev are you reading this?
We chose our flower garden to plant the new flowers in. It was created by the last owners of the house and produces a couple of beautiful roses in the Spring.
Kev strategically planted the newbies in a way only a yard nurturer knows how.

And now we just have to wait. Patiently.
Which is no good for me.

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