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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

The fifth of May.

I just remembered that I used to do newsletters for a company that I worked for. Back in 1996-1998. And my first issue was released on Cinco de Mayo. And it was a hit.

Not because I was clever. But because I worked for a company that sold trains. Electric and toy. And I was the only ray of sunshine amongst a group of middle aged grumpy men that spent all of their personal time with a train.

Basically any thing that I said was fun. And hilarious. And I guess it shows that I always wanted to write. With a sense of humor.

But I remember starting my newsletter off with "Happy Cinco de Mayo". And the president of the company responded within five minutes of it's release with a "Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too".

And the whole company thought I was so creative.

If they could see/read me now...

Then they would know I was crazy.

Any way....

I celebrated the 5th of May with an incredible group of girls.

That means I went out. To a restaurant.

My life coach has been working hard on me this past month.

And I'm here to tell you that it was SO.MUCH.FUN!

I spent the evening with Laura's best friends. Friends that have adopted the "old lady" to join in on their fun.

And I really think that I have met the most incredible group of girls in the world.

Where were they when I was growing up?

Supportive, genuine, welcoming, funny, smart, and loving. And fun!

I love them all!

So, even though the restaurant was packed. And our meals may have taken longer than normal to be prepared....

I had an incredible time!

And I was thankful that Laura introduced me to them.

But I couldn't leave Kev out of the celebration. As we live for holiday celebrations.

So, the next night I gave him a choice....

He either lays on my Mexican rug (from Epcot) on his belly ... like a baby... with no clothes on except for the hat (from Epcot)....

Or he puts the blanket on with the hat and poses.....
He chose the second one. To keep this blog - PG.
And then he asked me.... "why am I doing this again?"

And I said "because you love me" AND "I need pictures for my blog".
No worries... His reward was a yummy Mexican dinner complete with fresh guacamole.
Only our favorite food of all time....

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