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Friday, May 28, 2010

Generous Family And My Kitchen

Wow. What a creative title. I might get famous for that one.


I decided to tell it like it is and not try to come up with something catchy - not that my usual titles are catchy - but hopefully you get what I am trying to say.

Because I don't.

Anyway.... I'm taking you back a little bit. To April. And telling you about some house guests and their amazing and generous gifts to us.

Gifts that made my kitchen squeal with delight. And yes, it was my kitchen that squealed. Or maybe it came from Kev. I just know that I was in shock and awe and excitement. And was too busy breathing in to a paper bag to have time to squeal.

Kitchen gadgets MAKE.ME.SO.HAPPY.

It all started when these folks showed up.....

On the left is my sister, Holly, and her husband, Kris. They drove in from Maryland on the Thursday of the cookout. ( The other two people in the pic are my nephew, Michael - yes, he is SIXTEEN years old.. almost SEVENTEEN... and that freaks me out to no end - and his girlfriend Sam.)

They presented me with this.....

It is a garnishing set. A GARNISHING SET. Who would have ever thought of such a thing. Besides the fact that the book is upside in the picture - it comes with all sorts of amazing tools to do crazy things with. Like curl butter.

I have officially refused to eat my butter any other way.

And you can make this....

A porcupine made out of a fig with melon balls on the side. I feel like I haven't lived as I have never known of such a thing.

In fact- I've never even known that a fig looked like that. The ones I've seen have been inside two soft chewy cookies and have the last name of Newton.
Regardless, gadgets + playing with food + entertaining = why did I not have this already.
Oh... and then there is this thing....

A PINEAPPLE SHIP! I'm eating one right now as we speak. Or type. Or read. Whatever. I mean, I didn't really need an excuse to enjoy eating my food any more than I already do. But thanks Holly - it has brightened my life. You know me too well.

And then there are these folks....
My Aunt Sandi and cousin Ross.
They came in from Nashville and decided to join our household for a couple of days.
A household that I like to describe as "laid back chaos".
Come on over. You will understand what I mean.
Me and Sandi go WAY back. Like to my birth. She was my fashion source. The creator of my shopping addiction. The reason I LOVE celebrities and gossip and movies and tv.
Oh, and she knows how to throw a great party. And by great I mean... SO MUCH FUN!
She is the reason behind this family....

That is my Uncle Bud in the background. He gives the BEST hugs in the world. They may pop a bone or two - but you know it is filled with love. And then there is my cousin Scott. (Ross' older brother) Scott's wife Brandy. And their three kids... Jackson, Elizabeth, and Nathan.
They were supposed to stay with us too... but ended up only being there for the day. The drove in... relaxed... went to the wedding... left at 10 pm at night. If that is not a whirlwind trip - I don't know what is.
But the point of all this - is not how much I love them. Or how happy I was to see them. Or how great it was to see Kev and Scott reunite after several years ( they are BFFMs by the way) (which means best friend family members).....
But to tell you that THIS is what they left behind....
An unnecessary thank you gift. BUT PERFECT AT THE SAME TIME. I mean... really? Every thing that I've been wanting and then some. And it is all from Williams Sonoma.
The store that has my drool on the front window.
It was Christmas in April as far as I was concerned. And I left all of the items laying out on my guest bedroom bed for a month. So I could walk by the room and look at it all in awe. Some times I get things and then worry that they are too precious to use in an every day occasion. So I save them until the right moment.
Even though I have been wanting oven mitts for eleventy thousand years because mine are so deteriorated and ridiculous. Oh and I got some COLLAPSIBLE MEASURING CUPS! Just like the ones Laura got at her bridal shower.
They make me feel like a young bride!
Spatulas. They are only like my favorite gadget of all times. Because there are so many shapes and sizes and responsibilities of them. And I need them all to feel complete.
And then there are the aprons. Only my new obsession. They make me feel feminine ( a difficult task) and like a real chef.
As for Kev. He usually gets left out of the gift giving. Because he is a guy and all and why would he care what we receive for the house.
And really... that means there is more for me.
But not this time....
Kev got his OWN apron. And his OWN spatulas. And if there is any one that loves spatulas more than me... it is Kev.
And here is the proof....

A boy's life was made. In my very own backyard.
And the grilling he produces with his new apron and tools... is better than ever.
You will have to take my word for it - unless you are in the area. Then stop by.
We always have plenty.
Thank you Martin family! It was awesome to have you as guests!!
And now... I've got to get back to my collapsible measuring cups. I can't tell you how fun it is to figure out all of the small places you can store them. Because they are collapsible. Which makes them flat.
I entertain easily.

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