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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pre- Wedding Resting. And Yes, I'm Still Talking About The Wedding.

We have finally made it.

To the day of THE WEDDING.

And my happiness is overflowing.

And so is my energy.

And I have NO CLUE as to how the bridal party is surviving at this point. I mean... they have been partying like it is 1999. ( been there. done that. 11 years ago.) And they have a wedding to perform.

But as for the rest of us....

It is relaxing time.

No responsibility. Except to show up on time. And look cute.

Wow. Looking cute could take a while. I better start early.

But for right now. It is all about getting our beauty rest.....

So, I decided to be all Anne Geddes and force my niece to pose....

She wasn't too thrilled about it. But, she is a teenager. So, she is not too thrilled about anything. ( God bless all of the people who had to deal with me as a teenager. It must have been miserable)

And yes, that is my favorite EXTRA LARGE orange flower that ensures my level of attention received is EXTRA high.

And then there is Bethany...

Who slept on my couch. And caused commotions. And demanded constant attention.

She is the baby of the family. If you didn't know.

So, we spent one of the BEST days of my brother's life..... watching MTV.

And recapping all of the great food we had eaten over the last couple of days.

(Well, maybe that was just me.)

Until the pool started calling our names. The pool that was 68 degrees.

And that is when I decided to just sit outside (of the water) and enjoy the day.

But these two are NO FEAR swimmers.....

They had a plan. A pretty good one. According to Jackson... you get more and more used to the water with each step. And it wasn't really that cold at all ( said with chattering teeth).

And they had SO much fun!

They were a blast to watch. Children have such great imaginations.
And I also got to catch up with my Aunt Sandi.

Until the crazy, frantic rush started for us to get ready. Bethany, Ashlynn, and I took over the master bedroom and Kev's bathroom to get glamourized. And after a couple hours, excessive heat ( from shower and hair straightener), and ridiculous looking fake eye lashes that burned my eye balls.......

We made it on time. And looked like this....

We would have made it earlier if it wasn't for Kev - taking SO long to get him self together. All of five minutes.
And now - it is time to let the CELEBRATION begin.....

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  1. I don't even know what to say...I am just laughing! This is hysterical, the fake eyelashes "burnt your eyeballs" WHAT in the world??