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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Couple Of Things.... And A Rainbow

I'm writing this post to:

1. Prep you for my next SIX blog posts. That's right - SIX. It is the easiest way I could break down one of the best trips of all times. It is a tough day for a blogger when you have one kazillion pictures to edit. Because there were three cameras going at all times. I'm only using my pictures because I had already sorted them out and posted them before I saw all of the rest.

And let me just tell you... that the "rest" are pretty darn good. I can't look at them without laughing hysterically and then receiving the stink eye from Kev because he is trying to watch tv.

2. My new FAVORITE song is Miranda Lambert's " The House That Built Me". I sing it in my head all day long. And if I hear it on the radio... I fist pump the air. It is kinda sad but so sweet. I can't imagine going back to my childhood home and reliving all the memories.

3. I'm attempting to make FROM SCRATCH pizza crust today. Bless My Heart. You may or may not hear about the outcome depending on how it turns out.

4. Yesterday, I decided to test our SPF 30 by putting it every where on my body except for my lower legs. They always seem to be shaded by my knees anyway. Well, the sun block definitely works because I now have bright red shins.

5. I have deemed The Villa's lasagna as one of the best of ALL times. SO DELICIOUS. But the company was even better.

6. I saw the most beautiful, incredible rainbow the other day....

It blew me away. I wish you all could have seen it in person with me. There was another rainbow above it that was much fainter in color.... but my camera didn't seem to pick it up. I first saw it when I was getting closer to home. And I may have gasped and screamed a little. I couldn't get my camera fast enough for this picture.

It made me think of happiness, love, and skittles.

And then I followed it to the end. Instead of a pot of gold... I found Kev. A pawnbroker. Which is a more updated version of a pot of gold. Because he can get cash for gold.

And I decided to keep him for myself forever.

The End.

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