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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Red Hat Society Welcomes A New Lady

Attention Folks.... This is a present day post. Even though this birthday celebration was a month late.

Make sense?

Good... because I just lost a couple of brain cells just thinking about it. Oh... and I was also sniffing glue. Which may or may not have had any affects.

Mary... is my Mother In Law. (Which just to makes things super clear means that she is Kev's Mother.)

She turned 60 on September 11, 2009. And retired at the end of September. Which officially makes her one of the happiest ladies around.

And that is why we waited to celebrate her milestone birthday. So, she would be extra happy and relaxed. And thrilled to be retired.

It ensures that we can get her to do whatever we want.

And so we did.

We had been planning the surprise for months. Her gifts revolved around a cute poem used in the Red Hat Society. A group of ladies that embrace their age, their eccentricities, and their obsession of wearing purple and red.

She waited patiently outside while we planned our routine.

And then we took turns presenting her with our gifts that represented different lines of the poem.

It was fabulous. And fun. And fantastic.
Not to mention that Kev and I experienced a new delight..... jalapeno cheese hotdogs.
It is like they were created just for us.
Happy 60th Birthday Mary!! And CONGRATS on your retirement!
We LOVE you!!

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